Spiral spiral ‘big design’ puts galaxy in newborn star stunning new photo

Spiral spiral 'big design' puts galaxy in newborn star stunning new photo

The Lorraine Gondwana Theory is also known as the Two Continental Theory. As the name implies, this theory discusses the two continents that make up the Earth’s surface.

The planet We must have several parts to live in. It starts with the Earth’s core layer, the Earth’s crust, and the outermost layer in which we live.

Not every layer is like that. It is this layer of the crust that changes life over time.

What’s in the theory of Laurasia Gondwana?

Earth is the only planet The universeThere is life in it. Various theories about the conspiracy of the earth have long been raised.

The theory of the formation of the earth and its layers is still a mystery. We all know that the earth does not have to be what it is today.

Therefore, there are several theories about the formation process of the Earth’s outer layers. The theory of two continents is one of many theories.

The theory of two continents was first proposed by Edward Zeus and Frank B. Taylor. In 1884 they introduced this theory in general.

In this theory, they argue, there were two large continents, Lorraine and Gondwana, which formed the first layers of the Earth long before the Earth formed, as it does today.

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The continent of Lorraine is in the northern hemisphere, with Gondwana itself to the south. The Sea of ​​Tethys separates the two continents.

Over time, both continents slowly moved toward the equator. This movement eventually divided them into the smaller continents we know today.

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History of the Continent of Laurasia

Lorraine refers to the first continent in Gondwana’s theory as a large hemisphere that includes North America, Europe, and Asia (excluding the Asian Peninsula).

The existence of the continent of Laurasia was first suggested by Alexander du Toit. He is a geologist from South Africa.

Du Toit describes this continent in his book Our Wandering Continents (1938). Du Toit theorized that there were two large territories, Lorraine in the north and Gondwana in the south.

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The two continents are separated by an ocean called Tethys. It is estimated that Laurasia split into Europe, Asia and North America between 66 million and 30 million years ago. This time interval includes the end of the Cretaceous and most of the Paleogene period.

History of the Gondwana Continent

Gondwana is theoretically the second largest continent after Laurasia. Gondwanaland is another name for this continent, which is an ancient super continent.

According to statistics, Gondwana connects present-day South America, Africa, Madagascar, India, Australia, Antarctica, and Arabia.

The development of the Gondwana theory in Laurasia occurred about 600 million years ago at the end of the Precambrian.

The first phase of Gondwana’s secession was at the beginning of the Jurassic period. That’s when dinosaurs began to appear, to be exact, about 180 million years ago.

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Gondwanaland is named after the Austrian geologist Edward Zeus. The name refers to the Upper Paleozoic and Mesozoic forms of the Gondwana region of central India. This formation is very similar to the age of the southern hemisphere continents.

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The split about 175 years ago

We have previously discussed the two continents as the beginning of the formation of Earth plates. However, what is a continent?

Continents are vast areas. Laurasia Gondwana’s theory explains that there were only two large continents on the Earth’s plate called the continents.

The continents of Lourdes and Gondwana are now separated by their configuration. Many scientists believe that all the earth’s crust began to collapse 175 years ago.

The factors that affect the separation process are nothing else The rotation of the earth. Rotation that separates the two largest ancient continents in the equator and the western hemisphere.

The theory of two continents is only one theory of the formation of the Earth’s crust. No one has seen firsthand the process of its formation.

Therefore, existing theories are very helpful in discovering facts dating back millions of years. Laurasia Gondwana’s theory helps to explain how the Earth’s evolved on the Earth’s surface. (R10 / HR-Online / Editor-Ndu)

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