Spice Girls: You’re planning a sequel to your “Spice World” movie 25 years later

Spice Girls: You're planning a sequel to your "Spice World" movie 25 years later

They have been back on stage since last year – at least four of them. Now the big screen is planning a comeback: British pop group Spice Girls wants to bring a sequel to their movie Spice World 25 years later. According to information from the British tabloid “Sun” The group turned to a “famous screenwriter” for the script. The film should be ready by the year 2022.

According to The Sun, “Ginger Spice” was started by Jerry Horner. So it includes Melanie C, Emma Bundon and Mel B. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. British comedy »Spice World 1997 was released in 1997, and tells a fictional story from the daily lives of the Spice Girls – with five band members in the lead roles.

The Spice Girls, best known in the 1990s for their songs like “Wannabe” or “Say You Will Be There” in 2019, reappeared on stage after a long hiatus. Her band played in 13 stadiums in Great Britain and Ireland – but without Victoria Beckham. As the movie continues, according to “The Sun”, they hope to be with them too.

Beckham, now a very successful designer and fashion entrepreneur, had previously refused to take part in another tour. “Baby Spice” Emma Bandon has announced that she wants to perform with the band again after the Pandemic. She has already talked to her bandmates about “new projects”.

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