SPHEREx Telescope Almost Completed – 1 Informer

SPHEREx Telescope Almost Completed - 1 Informer

NASA, the space agency, has reached another important milestone in the development of its space telescope SPHEREx, which is specifically designed for a “decent” purpose, namely the Big Bang theory and the more precise origin of galaxies. This mission has finally entered Phase C, which means that NASA has approved the preliminary designs for the Observatory, which means that the final phase of not only the design, but also the production of the equipment with the software can already begin.

NASA announced this on its official official blog. The SPHEREx telescope is the size of a small sub-compact car and weighs 1.2 tons. He will use devices that separate light near infrared into its component colors. With its help, researchers can show exactly what stars and other cosmic bodies are made of. What’s more, SPHEREx can help scientists calculate the incredibly accurate distance of stellar objects from Earth.

The goal of the NASA-supervised project is to create a high-quality, highly accurate three-dimensional spectroscopic map of the entire sky in the nearby infrared spectrum. Another goal of the project is to find evidence of the phenomenon of “cosmic inflation” in the immediate aftermath of the Big Bang. Evidence of this is that scientists can understand exactly how galaxies are located in the universe and how they came to be in such an arrangement.

SPHEREx allows scientists to display three-dimensional space relative to each other. Researchers can check their own maps for patterns that may be due to the above inflation. Moreover, the device above helped to find out how the first galaxies formed stars. This space telescope will help scientists and look at the stars in their own galaxy. SPHEREx allows you to detect and determine various anomalies in stars and other space objects, for example, water ice or frozen organic molecules.

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