Speed ​​up PUBG MOBILE’s game without software and fix logging problem to prevent PUBG MOBILE from crashing

One of the reasons for the problems with PUBG mobile games that have led to the reluctance of many PUBG players around the world is the problem of interruptions in the game and the slowness with which PUBG does not motivate you to enjoy the mobile game, so you can review the problem in an exclusive way so that you can speed up your PUBG game and make it easier to replay. The phone can also run PUBG games with unprecedented high efficiency. , Note that the PUBG game acceleration method mentioned in this report works without the use of programs or applications, but you can use PUBG MOBILE to play it simply by adjusting some phone settings on your mobile phone.

The reason for the slowdown of the mobile game

There are a number of reasons why Peggy’s game slows down and it does not work very efficiently, and one aspect of these factors is that it causes disruption and interruption during the game.

  • Weak internet in Peggy’s game.
  • Weakness in the capabilities of the phone used in the game.
  • Opens apps or programs that run in the background and speeds up the cache of phone drivers.

PUBG MOBILE Acceleration

This method helps the user to speed up the phone in general and make it work well for all games, not just the PUBG mobile game, and this exclusive method we are reviewing is to stop the apps we are running in the background. No need, this is a phone that works well, the origin of the PUBG mobile game is that it works on all different devices, so the game was designed by a very high level of efficient developers, so the reasons PUBG cut the mobile game, the problem of the log is not from the game, but from the particular phone that makes the game a reality PUBG MOBILE will work well by making the phone run very efficiently.Speed ​​up the game PUBG Mobile

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Steps to Accelerate Peggy Game

  • Open your mobile.
  • Enter the phone settings icon.
  • Scroll down the list to select (About phone).
  • Then enter the program information.
  • (Version number) is provided 7 times in a row.
  • Developer mode is activated, returning to the previous menu, and a new developer icon appears at the bottom of the list.
  • Then select a memory.
  • Set the time for one day of memory usage.
  • A list of applications and their memory usage will appear.
  • Then go to the previous menu and select the running service icon) This will show which apps are running in the background and causing heavy usage of your phone.
  • Then stop the apps you don’t want to use and make sure you don’t stop the apps for the mobile operating system.

After performing these steps, you will find a big difference in the usage of your mobile phone and enjoy the bug mobile without interruption.

Set the English language to PUBG

To speed up the game, it is a good idea to adjust some of the settings in PUBG through the following steps, which we will review in detail.

  • Open the game PUBG Mobile.
  • Enter the game settings for PUBG Mobile.
  • Then scroll down the menu and select the language.
  • Determine the English language.
  • Then exit the game and enter again.

As many players have found, using English in a PUBG mobile game works faster.

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