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Reduce, Recycle, and Recycle: The motto of the circular economy is to reduce waste by turning waste into new resources. And FIG Recycling As a first step, when materials need to be segregated, an expensive tool has come to our rescue over the years: Smart Recycle, an application that helps you properly dispose of waste according to your municipality’s collection calendar.

SmartRicla is one of the leading Italian companies investing in a green future and sustainable economy that promotes good corporate and social practices to protect the environment. This commitment was recognized by the inclusion of Smart Rikla in the Italian Atlas of the Circular Economy, an interactive web platform that surveys and describes experiences of economic and related realities committed to applying the principles of the circular economy in Italy.

Atlas aims to raise awareness, information and documentation for all those who are concerned about the balance between economy and ecology and who want to lead their consumption responsibly.

Smart Recla is included in the Atlas, which gives citizens a simple and intuitive application for special collection, thanks to the service-generated service they provide, which leads them to the proper disposal of waste. The main features of the application include the weekly collection calendar of individual municipalities, which categorizes the different types of waste. In addition, you can view a map of collection points, waste distribution notes, municipality news, dictionary of recycling signs, and waste expert.

The smart reclamation is designed for citizens who can easily think of waste sections and weekly collection calendar and for municipalities who can provide constantly updated service to their residents through technology. In fact, there is news of the municipal administration and a map of the ecological islands and waste disposal notes.

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More than 1,500 municipalities have already signed up for thousands of users in the Italian region. Smart Recla is looking not only in Italy but also abroad, and has already been launched in a pilot phase in various countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Canada. The application is available for download by download Google Play.

In addition to the collection calendar, the application offers another service that is very useful, i.e. a subcategory of waste by category, a list of all products that can be included in a specific category and those that are not.

If there is any doubt about the specific waste collection, Smart Rikla has also been issued Waste Dictionary, There you will find a complete list of materials and objects of everyday use, arranged alphabetically, and the corresponding section of the assignment. The PDF version can be downloaded directly from the dictionary website.

Waste Dictionary

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