Special limit for the number of next contacts after level 5 lifts

Special limit for the number of next contacts after level 5 lifts

Limiting the number of contacts close to each person after removing Level 5 restrictions is a possible obstacle.

Cilian de Gascoin, director of the National Virus Reference Laboratory, said a special limit on the number of close contacts would help reduce transmission after the Level 5 restrictions were eased next month.

Speaking Saturday with Katie Hanon De Gascon told RTE Radio One that the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPET) is considering how to prevent the increase in Kovid-19 transmission after the current restrictions are lifted.

“No one wants to turn the Level 5 controls on and off. It’s not really helpful to anyone, “said Gasquin.

Public health officials “need to review a situation where we have a limited number of close contacts each week.”

NPHET is required to consider “specific numbers” of next contacts that may be granted within one week under such restriction.

“The challenge is to figure out what the number of those close ties will be, because we want R0 to be absolutely below one, and because of the argument, three close contacts and four close contacts, it’s going to raise the balance of one R0 from one to the top,” De Gascon said.

We as a society need to focus on what we want to prioritize and what we can do from a discriminatory perspective. ”

De Gascon said the scope of close contacts will not eliminate social settings such as pubs and restaurants.

“We need to look at what the high-risk settings are and what the low-risk settings are,” he said.

“It simply came to our notice then.

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“We want it to be useful, we want to benefit from it, we don’t want it to be a waste of time.

Coming out in six weeks, we can’t do what we did in August and September because it doesn’t work. ”

“So, over the next two weeks, we’re working with colleagues at the HSE and the Health Care Monitoring Center to see how we can do better from an NPET perspective,” De Gascon said.

Level 5 restrictions came into effect on October 22 and are currently set to be raised on December 1.

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