Spapek to build multi-purpose boats in the face of Brexit – economy

Spapek to build multi-purpose boats in the face of Brexit - economy

Three months after the signing of an agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the horizon for French shipping lines is uncertain, and their operation is partly based on British waters. The first of them, Skapesh. The subsidiary of Agromosquiters (Intermarch) has not lost its fishing rights since Brexit began. Despite administrative difficulties, boats from Northern Scotland were able to land in Ireland earlier this year, but “we continued our operations,” said Sylvain Proust, president of the Mouse Quarters Sea Sector. In particular, 42 and 46 m trawlers continue to fish in northern Scotland.

For Skopje, the pressure on European fishing had already begun in the Celtic Sea, where the grid imposed by the British was “one of the most unpleasant surprises”. Ships should modify its trolls and consider that catches will be less at each interval. “We’ve been matching since the beginning of the year,” the Skopje president sums up.

Housing construction begins in 2023

But the uncertainties are mainly after June 2026, the end of the Brexit transition period. Without waiting for the deadline and responding to the “sustainable fishing 2025” plan, the redefined shipping line will begin rebuilding its vessel in the coming weeks. For the Armed Forces President, this is a question of preparation for the future: “Our perimeter has been defined until June 2026 because the quota for repayment to British fishermen affects us slightly”.

Since that day the shipping line has been working to upgrade ten or 28 or 33 meter trawlers using multi-purpose boats, unaware of the fishing areas where 250 Breton sailors work. “For example, if we have to work outside of North Scotland we can adapt to different fishing areas,” Sylvain Proust continues. Tender calls for the construction of the boats will begin next year, with construction set to begin in 2023.

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Keep the 16,000 ton mark

A scheduled renewal at the rate of one new boat per boat. The goal is to continue to deliver the Captain House workshop at the same height. And auctions by Lorient and Gilwynk, 29, who sell more than half of their 16,000 annual tons each year. Twenty-two boats from Lorient, coastal and deep-sea fishing had a turnover of 40 M last year, due to lower prices during the height of the health crisis.

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