SpaceX’s Internet service has already received 500,000 pre-orders

SpaceX's Internet service has already received 500,000 pre-orders

Starlink, SpaceX’s Internet Network, launched in beta in October 2020. – Geeko

Available in Beta version from October 2020, Starlink already has 10,000 test users. According to the latest information, the Internet access service can count up to 500,000 pre-orders.
SpaceX, Report Digital Factory.

On Tuesday, a Falcon 9 rocket launched 60 additional satellites into low orbit. This service has been developed by the company for six yearsElon Musk, Aims to offer a
Internet connection Very fast in areas where telecommunication means cannot be set up.

A network that is still developing

It was the eighth throw Satellites Starlink 2021, 26th throw overall. 1,300 satellites are currently in low orbit to deliver the network. At the end of April, SpaceX received approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to send 2.814
Moons At 540 km, the orbit was much lower than before.

This will allow Starlink engineers to fix network sluggishness, which has been very common since the beginning of the beta. Overall throughput should increase and improve over time. Despite the difficulties, Elon Musk said Twitter All 500,000 orders can be fulfilled.

While still in development, Starlink makes it possible to get an Internet connection from space, thanks to a satellite resource that sold for $ 499. The subscription costs $ 99 per month.

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