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SpaceX successfully launches GPS III satellite for US space force

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SpaceX launches GPS III for US space force It is the latest second-generation GPS satellite launched this year for the U.S. military. The first was put into orbit in June and the third GPS launched was the third SpaceX. Such satellites provide the United States with advanced GPS navigation capabilities, including advanced anti-jamming technology.


For this launch, SpaceX used a new Falcon 9 first stage and successfully returned this booster with a guided landing on an unmanned barge in the Atlantic Ocean. The company confirmed that the payload was deployed as intended and then the GPS spacecraft flew to the deployment site where it was placed in its final orbit.

The mission, launched from the Cape Canaveral Cosmodrome in Florida, was the second attempt to deliver the payload after two engines had started earlier after the launch was canceled in September, with an automatic shutdown two seconds before take-off. SpaceX The problem was investigated and found This is due to the consumption of a coating material used to protect the engine components during the manufacturing process on the fuel lines.

SpaceX has also been postponed Launch of the Crew-1 Crew Mission for NASA For this reason, it should be further confirmed that today’s launch will take place on November 14 as the historic flight of the current ISS crew, consisting of three American astronauts and a Japanese, as planned, and there will be no new delays.

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