SpaceX staff for Ayalon Musk: Your behavior embarrasses us

SpaceX staff for Ayalon Musk: Your behavior embarrasses us

SpaceX employees publish a letter condemning the company’s most recognizable people since its inception – Elon Musk

Musk at NASA headquarters at the Canadian Space Center. Source: Nasabil Ingalls

Anyone who closely follows the launches and landings of SpaceX, for example those who have seen some of the Netflix series and documentaries, can not help but be amazed at Elon Musk’s vision of how slowly his various goals for the company are being achieved. At the same time, one can see his control and involvement to the smallest detail, and how SpaceX employees appreciate and appreciate him and listen to every word that comes out of his mouth. But it turns out that not everything behind the curtain is always pink.

Musk’s Behavior – Source of Shame

An open letter sent to the company’s management via SpaceX’s internal team channel reveals some particularly embarrassing allegations made by the company’s employees and directed against the founder. The letter was sent yesterday (Thursday) to 2,600 members of the channel, but it reached a website. The Verge, It revealed its content. Although the authors’ identities were not disclosed (employees knew), the website states that they lag behind employees from “gender, ethnic identities, senior levels and positions”.

Among other things, it reads: “Alien behavior in public places often causes us distractions and embarrassment, especially in recent weeks.” Employees write: “As our CEO and most prominent spokesperson, Alone is the face of SpaceX: every tweet he publishes is in fact a public statement of the company” and adds: “It is important to emphasize future employees joining in. Ours or our values.” Employees sign the letter with this statement : “It is very important for us to fulfill the mission of SpaceX and to make mankind settle on more stars, but more importantly, we care about each other.

The workers were not satisfied with the statements and suggested practical steps. Among other things, they suggest that SpaceX’s leadership should be shaken and condemn “Elon’s abusive behavior on Twitter”; Condemn other company executives who behave like him; Define exactly what is behind SpaceX’s ‘No-Ashole’ policy Announced The company’s COO, Gwynn Shotwell, is designed to prevent employees from having internal disruptions to the company’s operations.

There is no doubt that most of the employee’s claims are aimed at Musk’s tweets, and his statements – especially on Twitter – are apparently the same social network he intends to take over. Musk, among many others, has been posting particularly derogatory tweets for years, and it will be remembered Such a joke Or Such We will define reserve humor here, but in the US it is considered “fraternal humor”; Insult and ridicule to physical appearance; And even Defamation – When a British extractor in Thailand called it “pedophile”. In addition, Musk settled with a flight attendant in which he paid her $ 250,000 after claiming he had revealed himself to her, the Business Insider reported.

The letter was published on an internal channel of SpaceX, and according to the report’s sources, “The channel received more than 100 responses, and many employees agree with the spirit of the letter.”

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