SpaceX returns to space attack with its starship


If the FAA allows them, SpaceX will be able to re-launch its starship and return to orbit.

The world of New Space is brutal and fast, and for a few years SpaceX was the absolute master there, and now the power and dominance of Elon Musk’s company is being undermined. Technically, if the so-called “Boca Chica” company (launch site and operations around the starship) is always one step ahead in the competition, we should not rest on its laurels.

Recently, the successful flight of Boeing and its Starliner capsule to the ISS was a small setback for the SpaceX teams. As expected, this match on the shuttle to ISS may not make everyone happy, Elon Musk, who was identified a few months ago Serious financial concerns of the institutionFacing a new challenge.

While the world of space exploration has been eyeing Boca Chica and the famous starship rocket-ship, nothing has changed for seven months now. In today’s space world an eternity is accustomed to fly every week rather than being subjected to FAA environmental impact surveys.

Starship: Elon Musk’s crazy dream

But now, the starship has been overthrown by the American authorities, and the second one has not even reached orbit by the end of this May, although Elon Musk had promised it would be the “end of the world”. The latest of the year. If the calendar is still playable, things are getting more complicated day by day, and Musk, who promised 12 starship flights in 2022, is likely to fall into his ideal by the harsh law of reality.

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But not all hopes have been lost. If there’s one thing to keep in mind from SpaceX, this company is capable of anything. Then take the next off Starship Never been so close. In recent images from the NASASpaceflight YouTube channel, a new prototype of SpaceX’s rocket ship abandons large construction hangars.

This new prototype, dubbed the S24, was spotted this weekend, leaving SpaceX factories to join the test base to win some regular qualifications. Once this new step is taken for the new prototype, SpaceX can take it to a new base to test the rocket’s resistance.

Political intrigue?

This release of the starship prototype is also a very political ploy. Of course, in order to get the right to go into orbit, SpaceX must have the green light from the FAA, which is currently blocking any launch due to the ongoing environmental review around the site to gauge the consequences of the take-off of a rocket of this size. An area of ​​Texas until recently was a nature park, hosting many endemic species.

The last part of the report Must be submitted by FAA tomorrow, May 31st. Four times late, the content of this text may have changed everything for SpaceX, so it is common for the largest private space company of our time to put pressure on the American body in charge of its future.

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