SpaceX Live Updates: Dragon Crew-1 Capsule Launches, NASA’s Commercial Crew Program ‘First’ Mission ‘Mission

SpaceX Live Updates: Dragon Crew-1 Capsule Launches, NASA's Commercial Crew Program 'First' Mission 'Mission

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – If there is any hesitation from the crew about the dangerous adventure of SpaceX’s Crew-1 mission, it is well hidden.

The astronauts’ quartet – three from NASA and called NASA Crew-1 from Japan – is optimistic and friendly. They have a motto, they are like a merry-go-round: “One for all, Crew-1 for all.”

If their launch, scheduled for 7:27 tonight, is a success, it could be another coup by the space agency.

The crew-1 crew is NASA’s best roll call:

Mike Hopkins Is the commander. Before being elected in 2009, he applied to be an astronaut four times. The Air Force Colonel then flew to the space station on a Russian Soyuz rocket. Hopkins was previously a crew member of Expedition 37/38 at the International Space Station, spending 166 days in space. In 2013, he logged on to 13 hours of space travel as part of his stay at the International Space Station. Hopkins, 55, of Lebanon, Mo.

Shannon Walker In 2004 he was selected as an astronaut After working with NASA, First became a robotic flight controller with Rockwell Collins, an avionics company. He joined NASA in 1995, working on a space station program. They were launched at the station in 2010 on a Soyuz. In 2010, they completed a 163-day mission to the ISS. Walker’s husband, Andy Thomas, is also an astronaut. Walker, 55, is a native of Houston, Texas.

Victor Glover Rookie is. He never went into space. He flew former Navy pilot F / A-18 Hornets, logged 3,000 flight hours on more than 40 aircraft, completed 24 combat missions and 400 “carrier arrest” landings. He was selected by NASA as part of the 2013 astronaut class. Glover, 44, is a native of Pomona, California, serving as a mission pilot.

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Japanese astronaut Sochi Noguchi has flown twice into space since 2003, including the first space mission since Colombia. Tragedy. He flew on the space shuttle Discovery in 2005 and was not the first American to launch SpaceX. Noguchi previously launched a Russian Soyuz spacecraft in 2009 and 2010 to reach ISS for a mission that lasted 161 days. The senior astronaut is 55 years old and was born in Yokohama, Japan.

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