Space station: Chinese astronauts to Ningyi!

Space station: Chinese astronauts to Ningyi!

3 months site for construction of space station.

BEIJING: China, which is trying to build its own space station in space, has recently taken another step forward. The Long March-2F rocket with three astronauts flew to Ningxi on Thursday. Dragon is pleased with the success of its latest launch, as it is the most critical space launch ever conducted by China.

The Long March-2F was launched on Thursday morning from the Jiuquan launch site in the Gobi Desert in China. The spacecraft, which reached orbit in about 10 minutes, was detached from the rocket. Chinese scientists are happy that this step has been successful. Chinese media released videos of the three astronauts at the event. A large farewell ceremony was held for the three astronauts before the rocket was launched. Those who went with space suits were greeted with applause by the people who arrived there with the laboratory staff.

China, which wants to be a world power in space launches, plans to build its own space station in space. As part of this, the first three astronauts were sent into space. They remain in space for about three months and begin construction of the space station. China aims to complete the construction of the space station within two years through further experiments.

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