Space: Science and Technology:

Space: Science and Technology:

The head of the American company SpaceX Elon Musk in a post on Twitter in Russian Congratulations Contribution of Soviet designer Sergei Korolev to world cosmonautics.

The engineer and entrepreneur commented on the Roscosmos tweet dedicated to the 114th birthday of the Soviet scientist.

“The Soviet designer was one of the best scientists in the fields of space rocketry and shipbuilding, the founder of practical cosmonautics,” the State Corporation said in a statement.

In July 2020, the Soviet designer named the space rocket system Korolev “the best”. In response to this statement, a user of the Rogosin Twitter account currently owned by Roscomos CEO Dmitry Rogosin ClarifiedKorolev called it “the best.”

Musk in March 2019 Wrote He wrote on Twitter that the launch vehicles and rocket engines used by modern Russia were created by the Soviet Union with its decisive contribution to the Ukrainian SSR. Thus, the head of SpaceX responded to the user codemon’s comment, in which ApprovedThe vast majority of Soviet engineers in the field of cosmonauts are “of Ukrainian descent”, and for its 28 years Russia “has not created a space revolution, and still uses the old Soviet tradition.”

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