Space: Science and Technology:

Space: Science and Technology:

In a few years, the successor to the final experimental Demonstration Object Research (Fedor) robot may be launched into the International Space Station (ISS). RIA Novosti, Refers to Evgeny Dudorov, Executive Director of the Scientific and Production Association (NPO) “Android Technology”.

It will be a kind of “robot Leonov” – similar to Alexei Leonov, the first man to go into space. The robot will use technologies tested on the Fedor robot, ”the chief said.

Speaking about another development, the executive director said the work to create the first Russian humanoid robot is called “Teledroid”, which will go into space. The product will be ready by 2023.

Leonov Is dead In October 2019.

Successfully in September of the same year Returned The landing capsule of the Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft contained an anthropomonic robot Skyboat F-850 (Fedor).

The Fedor Anthropomonic Rescue Robot was created by the Android Technologies and Advanced Research Fund (FPI) by order of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (Emercom). Related development started in 2014. It took 300 million rubles to create the robot. In terms of money, Fedor contains 40 percent of Russian components, while the robot becomes 70-75 percent Russian based on the mass of the parts. Of the 48 Fedor engines, 16 are foreign. The power supply and cooling cables for the robot and the single-board computer are of foreign origin. Most cabinet products and plastic components are manufactured for Fedorin in Russia.

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