Space: By 2030, NASA will send two unmanned missions to Venus

Space: By 2030, NASA will send two unmanned missions to Venus

NASA will release about 500 million each. Dollars for developing each of the two projects, Da Vinci + and Veritas.

“They will allow the scientific community to learn about a planet we have not had in 30 years,” NASA Chief Bill Nelson, quoted by AFP, said in his annual address to agency staff.

According to Reuters, quoting NASA will measure the dense atmosphere of Da Vinci + Venus to better understand its evolution. This will include accurate testing of the ideal gases and other elements. To determine if there has ever been an ocean there.

Da Vinci + is also expected to provide high-resolution images of Venus’ unique geographical features.

Veritas will be tasked with mapping the planet to determine the Earth’s surface and explain why it evolved differently from Earth.

The mission will explore the Earth’s surface to create 3D reconstructions of the Earth’s and to verify whether tectonic or volcanic processes still exist.

Veritas is also expected to determine whether active volcanoes emit water vapor into the atmosphere.

“These missions give us a better idea of ​​how the Earth evolved and why it is now habitable when there are no other planets,” explained Bill Nelson.

:Ródo: AFP, Reuters, PAP


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