Space and time, rules to be adopted in smart working

Space and time, rules to be adopted in smart working

AGI – The company has extended the summer of simplified smart working, which allows private sector workers to access voluntary active work without contracts. However, what Kovid learned over the years to try out the methods, tools, duties and rights of this new formula remains the center of discussion. From there, in the opinion of experts, it is necessary to begin to lay the foundation for a proven dynamic work that can be carried out without distortions as envisioned. But the road still seems to be uphill.

According to Sefriel, a digital innovation center founded by Milan Polytechnic, here are some rules to follow.

According to the latest data from Polytechnico de Milano’s Smart Working Observatory, During the period of complete remote control, 28% were affected by technostress and 17% by overwork.The fact that one cannot talk about smart working without defining an organizational model and adequate policies makes it practical and favorable to all interested parties.

There is a growing public debate about how to rethink the world of work based on personal needs; Look at what is happening in the United States, with the birth of movements that focus on workers’ satisfaction, understand comprehensively and relate to “office” time.

The research analyzes how the use of smart working has profoundly changed the way learning and training are practiced in the work world.

“Office life helps to create culture, layout and extensive coaching, but It is important to consider the fact that being able to work remotely guarantees flexibility and work-life balance.. You can find a balance: Defining smart working projects designed for the needs of the people with a focus on achieving goals and balancing different personal and business needs “- explains Alfonso Fuggeta, CEO and Scientific Director, Zephyr.

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For Cefriel, the dynamic work ethic as a learning object since 2014 is already a reality, and this experience was integrated in 2017 with a group of smart workers. So the White Paper “works well. Smart Working as an Ally ”is a type of guide designed for companies and workers that sets priorities for thinking about the“ second phase ”of dynamic work and incorporates best practices.

Space, time, relationships, leadership: the rules of dynamic work

First, there is a need to rethink the space, Provides places for communication and places for isolation. In this sense a possible evolution of space would see the construction of design islands, in which people do not have a designated desk, but gather around a project team.

At the same time it will be Working hours need to be adjusted Avoiding smart working becomes a remote job with no time constraints. Valuable indications from this perspective are: Avoid meetings between 13 and 14.30; Avoid demanding the participation of colleagues, avoid unforeseen circumstances, outside working hours, on weekends; If mails are generated within this time frame, delay sending them.

Active work does not mean solitary work, which is why one of the priorities identified by Sefriel precisely affects its value. Workplace relationships need to be maintained remotely.

Finally this new mode is required Rethinking leadership models, Smart working requires generative and compassionate leadership that focuses on the development and well-being of the people. We can cite the example of Blanchard’s contextual leadership, inspired by a “casual” and flexible style that takes into account the differences between “inexperienced” and “mature” collaborators, “junior” and “senior”. In it the leader adjusts his actions according to the level of maturity of his followers.

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“Working well means learning how to collaborate and build fluid paths to work with and interact with people (and thank you) through the right approach to smart work. It’s definitely a challenge for small and large businesses, but it’s also very productive and rewarding, ”concludes Roberta Lettorio, Chief Human Capital & Mobility Manager at Cefriel.

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