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South Korea’s strategy for the new Kovid-19 explosion test

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Seoul, South Korea – South Korea was proud to handle the pandemic of the corona virus, using a term: K-ship ban, Named after the global musical phenomenon of K-pop.

Its two-pronged strategy to fight the virus works while sustaining the economy. Country Everything stopped in a big bang Without closing borders and locking cities Or protest against strict restrictions on speech and movement. The country set a precedent for other parts of the world.

But now, South Korea is battling a second-wave infection, and its strategy seems as dangerous as ever. The new wave is spreading from the populated Seoul metropolitan area to people with deep doubts about President Moon Jae-in’s contagious efforts. To complicate matters further, some of the government’s strongest allies in the fight against Kovid-19 turned against Mr Moon. They went on strike, dissatisfied with his medical reform program.

The government seeks to maintain a weak balance between controlling the virus, protecting the economy, using government power to protect public health, and not violating civil liberties.

“Our anti-ship strategy, which was once considered a model to be followed in other parts of the world, is suddenly in crisis,” Mr Moon acknowledged last week. “The whole country is in dire straits. People’s lives are being ruined. ”

Since August 14, South Korea’s new infections have dropped to less than 10, triple the number every day, and the country of 50 million people has more than 20,000 cases and 326 deaths. New York Times Database. The virus has Spread fast from churches And a large anti-government protest rally. Mr Moon’s government has threatened to prosecute and prosecute churchgoers and protesters for allegedly obstructing officials’ efforts to control the epidemic. But they pushed him back, calling him a dictator who ruled the country under “martial law.”

Undeterred, Mr Moon recently tightened restrictions, banning church meetings and large door-to-door rallies and closing nightclubs and bars. Epidemiologists have called for a more serious social distance, such as banning all gatherings of more than a dozen people and closing millions of other venues, such as professional sports games, cafes and wedding halls.

Mr Moon was reluctant to go that far for fear of ruining the already shrinking economy.

“We are at a crossroads,” said Jung Yoon-kyong, director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “This coming week will decide whether the second wave of infection can be stabilized.”

At the end of February, 900 cases were reported daily in South Korea. Thanks to the aggressive contact-tracing and testing program, the country quickly spread the curve of new infections. The key to success was a civil society that blocked their civil rights to fight the epidemic.

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People wore masks every day. Few complaints when the government complains Used aggressively Surveillance-camera footage, smartphone location data, and credit card purchase documents to help diagnose and establish transmission networks for corona virus patients. South Koreans support Mr. Moon’s ruling Democratic Party a Breakthrough success In the parliamentary elections in April.

By May, South Korea was confident that it would be more economically active without allowing the epidemic to return. This started a campaign “A New Daily Life with Covid-19,” It motivates people to go out, socialize, spend and enjoy to move the economy forward. If there is any setback, the controls will go back into place.

“We can’t delay returning to normal life forever,” Mr. Moon said at the time. “The embargo is the beginning of a financial recovery, but it is not bringing us food.”

Government employees were paid $ 14 trillion, or $ 11.8 billion, to help boost household consumption. By the end of May, 256 beaches were open across the country for summer vacations. In July, it was allowed for Bible study and other small religious gatherings, previously banned as a means of monitoring the spread of the virus.

In August, days before the increase in cases, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Predicted South Korea’s economy will shrink by only 0.8 percent this year. Compared to the average of 7.5 per cent of the other countries in the group.

Millions of South Koreans stormed the streets and shops in mid-August over a three-day weekend created by the Mr. Moon government to provide “short but valuable rest for people who are exhausted by a prolonged epidemic.”

Even before the holiday began on August 15, there were indications that easing of restrictions could lead to more infections.

Days ago, Fast-growing explosion The Sarang Jil Church in Seoul, the headquarters of the faith – based conservative political movement against Mr. Moon, exploded. On August 15, another explosion erupted, with critics of Mr Moon’s policies, especially North Korea, taking part in a large anti – government rally in Seoul. Health officials said some Sarang Jill church members joined the crowd.

Wednesday, Rev. Jun Kwang-hoonThe Chief Pastor of Sarang Jeel Church held a press conference. He accused the government of sacrificing itself to silence critics of churches and to cover up its own epidemiological failures.

A dozen other small explosions also erupted, many of them in churches, prompting the government to suspend all church services except online.

The daily increase in the number of new cases is not the only worrying development. The percentage of patients who could not determine the source of the infection rose by more than 21 percent in the second half of August. From 10 percent in the first half, it raised concerns that health authorities would lose control. Of broadcast routes.

The new explosion threatened to tarnish one of his greatest achievements as president. Chandran further said that the sharp power of the law will be used to punish those who obstruct the government’s contagious efforts. His government declared “zero tolerance” and “maximum penalties”.

“Such damage to freedom of religion, assembly or expression cannot be underestimated,” he said, adding that politically active conservative members spread the virus and endanger the economy.

“Prayers may give you peace of mind, but do not protect you from the virus,” he said.

Police have so far referred 959 people for prosecution for violating virus control laws. He has been charged with hundreds of offenses for violating a government order to wear a mask, eating, drinking, smoking, dumping or reporting waste. Their workplaces. Police have arrested at least four people, including two pastors, for allegedly misrepresenting the epidemiological investigation. They lied about where they were or the size of the church churches.

Authorities have arrested 202 people on suspicion of spreading false information and leaking personal data. YouTube claimed that the government was handling test results to keep the rebels on board. A case has been registered against six churches for violating government orders not to visit the southeastern city of Busan for services.

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Last week, the government announced a number of measures discussed before the Pandemic, such as increasing the number of medical school students. But the young doctors protested, saying there were already enough doctors and that the government needed to invest in improving medical services in rural areas. The government filed a case against several doctors who refused to enter the job.

Doctors said they were disappointed with the government’s heavy efforts to implement controversial policies as the country battled the epidemic.

“But talking to them is like talking to a wall,” said the leader of the striking doctors. Park Ji-hyun said.

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