South African writer Wilbur Smith dies at 88 – 11/13/2021

South African writer Wilbur Smith dies at 88 - 11/13/2021

Famous South African novelist Wilbur Smith has died in his country at the age of 88, his editor announced today.

“Wilbur Smith, the world’s best-selling author, died unexpectedly at his Cape Town residence after a morning reading and writing with his wife, Nisoy,” Wilbur Smith said in a statement posted on Books.

His great novels describe adventures on the African continent, often inspired by his own life.

With the publication of his first novel, When Lions Eat, in 1964, Smith became famous for his story of a young man who grew up on a cattle farm in South Africa, which had 15 sequels, in which the author tells the life of a family. For another 200 years.

He has published 49 edited novels worldwide.

“From the beginning of the history of Africa, in the stories I have written, I have written about blacks and whites, I have written about hunting, gold mining, partying and women,” he recalled in a biography published on his website.

“The undisputed and exemplary author of adventures, Wilbur Smith’s novels have won readers over half a century and have sold over 140 million copies in more than 30 languages ​​worldwide,” the statement said.

“In Smith’s 49 novels, he has delved into the gold mines of South Africa, the pirates of the Indian Ocean, the hidden treasures of the tropical islands, the conflicts of Arabia and Khartoum, and the tireless diamonds and slaves of Africa.”

His office tweeted, “Join us in his amazing adventures for millions of fans around the world who have enjoyed his amazing writings.”

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