Sorry! 2 – Land in Sich Film (2020) Trailer Review

Sorry!  2 - Land in Sich Film (2020) Trailer Review

Film plot and background

Animated comedy of colorful, trouble-free animals in an ark coming across the shore.

The flood came, and thanks to Noah’s ark he was able to save the world’s animals. At sea for weeks, on-board cooks Dave (Christian Ulmen) and Kate are slowly facing big challenges. To make matters worse, two friends, Finnie, Nestling, and Leah, have a grimace and their last meal floats almost unnoticed at sea. Anarchy breaks out in the ark as the two build a makeshift raft and meet the jellyfish girl Jelly (Leila Bullet).

The brave new trio travel in the ark and find the earth at the end of the horizon. A storm brings more challenges: when Finn encounters other underwater conspiracies, Leah and Jelly stand at a glance on a beautiful island, in which there are still some surprises. Can the herd end the ark famine and provide a new home for all?

The smallest viewers get the value of their money in the trailer of “O Plus 2 – Land in Sight” News – New information about the MCU and the new Lord of the Rings series

“Sorry 2 – Land in Sight” – Background, Movie Release, FSK

In the first part “Oops: The ark is gone“In 2015, animal friends had to go on an adventurous trip without Noah’s help. In the second film adventure, the food runs out slowly. Despite all the trouble, the fun doesn’t fall by the wayside.

Veteran animation director Toby Jenkel is returning to the post for a second time, backed by co-director Sean McCormack (“Louis and Aliens”). In addition to reuniting with Grimp girls Leah and Nestre Finney, you can also hear German stars Christian Ulmen, Janin Ulman and TV chef Tim Mulser on “ops plus 2: Land in Sich”.

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Am 24. September 2020 The second family adventure “ops plus 2: Land in Sich” begins in theaters. FSK Family Film provided Age rating from 0 years.

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