Sony’s new PS5 already handles its first major bug – BGR

  • Sony’s PS5 launched on November 12, but users are already dealing with an annoying bug.
  • PS5 games get stuck in the download queue or make a mistake as soon as the download starts, which is not fully accessible on that console.
  • The only known solution is to perform a factory reset and start downloading again.

Thousands of people are still trying to get the PS5 with consoles in online retailers and pre-orders popping in and out, but those who were lucky enough to own it at the launch have to deal with a few early bugs. Reported by IGN, Some PS5 owners experience a download queue bug that causes apps and games to get stuck in the queue or cause errors. The only known solution is factory reset.

IGN Three members of its staff claim to have gotten into the issue, while a look on social media reveals that others are also dealing with it. The bug seems to occur when the user presses Download Button with a game or app from the PlayStation Store or their game library. The software will either show up as a queue for download or encounter a download error. Either way, the software will no longer appear in the Downloads menu.

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This may not seem particularly problematic, but once this bug comes out, the suspicious game cannot be canceled or downloaded to your PS5, anyway. The game library may show that you own that game or app, but if you check the PlayStation Store, you will be prompted to purchase the product again.

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So far, the bug only affects PS5 versions of specific games and apps.

Several Reddit posts make that clear Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War It’s a game, the PS4 version of the game downloads and installs without a problem, as users complain that the PS5 version of the new game is queuing for download and never downloading. IGN Quotes reports of Marvel’s Spiderman: Rebuilt, Godfall, The spirits of the devil, And Zackboy: A great adventure (All of these are PS5 exclusive or PS5 versions) Stop as well. Even the Disney + app has encountered bugs, which means it’s not just PS5 games.

call of Duty Players who have approached publishers about the bug have been told to reset to factory settings, based on all the reports I have read, and that is the solution now. If you want to perform a factory reset on your PS5, go ahead Settings > System > Reset options > Reset your console Press the large reset button. Your backup data is safe in the cloud, but you will need to sign in again and download it again.

Jacob began incorporating video games and technology into college as a hobby, but he soon realized that he wanted to do it for a living. He is currently writing for BGR in New York. His previously published work can be found on TechHive, VentureBeat and GameRant.

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