Sony’s new patent is an AI system that adjusts how good or bad we are.

There were a lot of people when ‘Sekiro’ came out They complained that the game was too difficult. Moreover, Reason, But The difficulty is not allowed to change. Either you apply the sword with your right hand or you will die many times. The difficulty of video games, sometimes not right, is that it can frustrate the player and cause the game to drop. ButIf the difficulty of the games is dynamically matched to our performance?

That is, broadly speaking, what The latest Sony patent: An artificial intelligence system The difficulty of the final bosses is modified depending on how good or bad we are. As stated in the patent, “Machine learning, sometimes in the form of in-depth learning neural networks, can be used for a variety of useful applications related to increasing or decreasing the difficulty level of defeating a non-player video game opponent, such as a boss at the end of a video game.”

If you can’t beat him, slow down

While it’s true that holding a patent does not mean that the system will be implemented at some point, the system recently proposed by Sony is interesting. The idea is that the game changes the movements of a boss Depends on successful methods and strategies (or not) Of a particular player or a group of players.

According to the patent, these tactics and techniques can be “specific attacks such as a flying punch, low kick, etc.” “Some attacking patterns or sequences, methods / tactics, as well as certain player movements and changes in the level of combat or environment, make the player want to continue while fighting the opponent,” he explains.

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System using this data Modify the behavior of the final boss to make it easier or harder To fail, because it works the opposite way. That is, if he falls faster than the final boss number with a certain dynamic pattern, the game will make his moves more difficult. For example, it contains more, jumps, heals more or has more power, causing us more damage.

Dark spirits

It not only allows the game to be more friendly to players of all levels, But make it more replayable, If the first time is too easy, the second time the system will make it a little more complicated (new moves, strategies we do not know, etc.). To provide additional benefits, patent a Difficulty based reward system, As an exclusive trophy for defeating this or that boss with maximum difficulty.

Now this is nothing more than an idea from Sony and will have to wait and see if it will finally be implemented on their consoles. However, this is not a small implementation, because some games like ‘Souls’ are fun and complex and require some skill. Sometimes Hit a balance Between being friendly and friendly with everyone and the experience offered by the developer, it is not easy.

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