“Sons of Philadelphia” on the Canal + with Matthias Schonerts and Joel Kinnaman

"Sons of Philadelphia" on the Canal + with Matthias Schonerts and Joel Kinnaman
Image of Jeremy Guess's Sons of Philadelphia

Joel Kinnaman et Matthias Schoenaerts in the film “Sons of Philadelphia” © 2020 The Sound Of Philadelphia Production Company / Cheyenne / Killer Films / Bookstreet Pictures / Gapbusters / RTBF

On Canal + Television and Streaming / Replay: Children of Philadelphia (2020) Starring Jeremy Guez, Matthias Schonertz, Joel Kinnaman, Mika Monroe, Paul Schneider, Nicholas Crovette, Ryan Phillippe and Felix Scott. Information about this thriller, which airs from Wednesday, January 5th, is Bulls de Culture.

Children of Philadelphia For viewing on television, streaming and replay on Canal +: Reviews and Info

restart :

Peter Flood, who was raised by his uncle and aunt after a family tragedy, now works with his cousin Michael, the head of an Irish criminal organization in Philadelphia. But when Michael becomes the target of the local Italian mafia, everything gets complicated for Peter.

Excerpt from the interview Culture bubbles From Jeremiah Guess, Director of a feature film Children of Philadelphia :

What I found fascinating was playing with the codes of a mafia movie. People are waiting for the 60s / 70s American gangster movie scores, large families and archives to be resolved and the story of the movie takes its full turn. Children of Philadelphia He is only interested in the finer details of a family feud and past drama unrelated to the Mafia.

Shooting Secrets, Stories: You Know?

  • This is a film adaptation of the book Brotherly love (1991) Of the American writer Pete Dexter.
  • This is the second feature film by a French writer, screenwriter and director. Jeremiah Guess After Bluebird (2018).
  • The original music was composed by the French Severine Favreau.

Find out more:

  • Children of Philadelphia Broadcast Wednesday, January 5, 2022 at 9pm on Canal +.
  • The movie is available for streaming and replay myCANAL
  • The film is not recommended for children under 12 years of age
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