Sonja apologizes to Barry for the aggressive behavior

Sonja Bakker

Christmas is a time of peace and forgiveness. Sonja Baker took it literally because the food guru did not celebrate the holidays, according to neighbors. A few weeks ago, her boyfriend Barry, who was aggressive towards her, came to visit.

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Things went wrong on the night of November 27-28. What a beautiful day that must have been for Sonja, because the release of her new book ended in a drama. Barry explodes as Soncha and Barry go home at night. He treated Sonja very badly as he had to join the police. In his own words, his bad behavior started after he got drunk.

‘They’re Fine Together’

Barry soon turned to the media and expressed how much he regretted the verbal aggression. Until recently, it seemed that Sonja had no intention of forgiving her, but she regretted it. According to a local report Known neighbors That is, Barry’s car was near the house during the holidays. I saw him walk too, otherwise I wouldn’t even believe it. Something happens in every relationship. “According to the locals, it was a one-off event and Barry and Sonja were always so beautiful together. “It simply came to our notice then that we did not want to be left out,” he said. They are a couple who fit together as far as I can count. ”

Sonja and Barry hope the fight is resolved, and they bring alcohol-free champagne together in the New Year.

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