Song by Andre Gladu and Lanaudier

Song by Andre Gladu and Lanaudier

Filmmaker Andre Gladu has released two new short films about the traditional song of Lanaudier, an area that has been the focus of much of his long career.

The films “Excusez-là” (20 min) and “The other side of the world” (40 min), produced by the Regional Center for the Animation of Oral Heritage (CRAPO) in Lanaudier, were previewed on l’Albion. , An artisanal brewery in Joliet, on November 9, in the presence of the heroes.

Taken from a 2015 shoot, “Excuse me – La” is a recording of singers stringing songs together in response to their footsteps. “The Other Side of the World” takes us to a sugar shock where singing evenings take place. The discussions of the heroes testify to the pride and significance of these moments of sharing.

If traditional song still exists elsewhere in Quebec, especially in the Ottomans, it is particularly active in the Lanadier region, the filmmaker thinks, recording popular culture since the 1970s.

“We see all generations coming together to sing in Lanoudier. This area has been isolated for some time and I think it has preserved its culture. Since then, its musical groups, such as Smoiling Boat, have toured the planet, and the inhabitants of Lanadiar are proud of it, ”Andre Gladu said in an interview.

Song by Andre Gladu and Lanaudier

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Jean Desroachers co-produced two new short films for Cropoy with Andre Gladu, whose mission is to preserve and pass on the oral heritage of the Lanadier region. He also thinks that traditional song has an unusual place there.

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“There are historical reasons for this. First, the Akkadians came here in the eighteenth century, established many villages carrying their musical heritage, and then broadcast songs in the wooden camps in the northern part of the region. Here’s normal! He filmed.

Along with 14 films about Lanaudier, Andre Gladu considers this theme as a whole to be significant in his work, which brings together a total of 60 films from the 1970s. Important as I did in Louisiana. ”

Since 1972, the filmmaker has documented popular culture, including Acadia, from Quebec to Louisiana. In his opinion, she works well.

“Many institutions and events have been created to protect it. The important thing is to keep it alive. It’s not frozen. I’m not interested in claims to holiness.

His 27-film series “Le Sun des Francis de America”, co-produced with Michelle Browlt between 1974 and 1980, won a title in the 2017 UNESCO Memory of the World Register. Original copies are currently subject to restoration. Quebec movie memoir, Elephant.

The short films “Excusez-là” and “The other side of the world” should be on the program of film festivals in the coming months.

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