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Some of the larger self-driving vehicles excelled in an amazing position

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Veil is a mining giant According to its report Unmanned mining dumpers have reached a milestone these days: the amount of rock they move has reached 100 million tons. The brookut mine is one of the most important mining sites in Brazil that the company brings to the iron ore surface.

In 2016, the first self-driving heavy vehicles were in service in the area. By 2018, the mine will become the first mine in Brazil to operate autonomous trucks alone, and by 2019, 13 will already be operating on site. The total weight of 35,000 football stadiums is the 100 million tons they have delivered so far The company said.

The vehicles traveled a total of 1.8 million kilometers, equivalent to orbiting the Earth 46 times at the equator. But more importantly: During their five years of operation, no self-propelled dump trucks have caused or been involved in industrial accidents at the mine site. At the same time, production-related emissions have been significantly reduced while mining productivity has increased.

The film is about a Komatsu dump truck run by a mining company to buy self-driving vehiclesSource: AFP / Ariel Marinkovich

Vehicles with a carrying capacity of 240 tons are controlled by a sophisticated computer system. Includes GPS, radar tracking and artificial intelligence from the mine entrance to the unloading area. Based on the positive experience, the company has announced that it intends to increase the number of self-driving dumpers on Brazilian sites to a total of 50 by 2024 at a cost of $ 400 million.

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