Some games may have issues with Intel’s new CPU. Is it because of a mismatch between the design and the anti-piracy software? – Automaton

Some games may have issues with Intel's new CPU.  Is it because of a mismatch between the design and the anti-piracy software? - Automaton

It has been reported that some games have problems with PCs equipped with Intel’s new CPU. About 50 works were affected, such as “Life is Strange 2” and “Ace Combat 7”. According to Intel, this is due to the imbalance between anti-piracy software (DRM) and CPU mechanics. The company hopes to work with DRM operators to resolve the issue.Ars TechnicaEvery foreign media reports.

Intel’s 12th generation desktop CPU (hereinafter Alder Lake-S) may be causing problems. Alder Lake-S is the latest model to be released on November 4, declaring it “the best CPU in the world for games”. As a feature, it adopts big.LITTLE technology that improves the power consumption efficiency of the CPU. Intel said the technology could cause some DRM crashes.

Big.LITTLE technology is simply designed to “integrate CPU cores with different characteristics to optimize resource consumption such as power consumption”. The core is a mathematical circuit that performs the actual processing on the CPU. big.LITTLE combines a high-performance and high-consumption core (large) with a low-power consumption core (LITTLE). It is a system for allocating work to suitable cores according to the required number and priority. IntelDeveloper GuideIn, the hybrid design of the CPU, such as big.LITTLE technology, referred to a situation where some DRMs were not supported. Suggested that there could be problems with games that implement such DRM.

Intel has published a list of works that could cause problems. The goal is to make everything work for Windows. According to the list, most titles will work well after upgrading from Windows 10 to 11. The above are examples of “Life is Strange 2” and “Ace Combat 7”. On the other hand, “Brawley Default II” and “Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana” may crash even in Windows 11. Some of these headlines will be supported by the Windows update by mid-November. Continue to support other work in collaboration with DRM operators and developers such as Denovo. For relevant job details,Same list pagePlease refer.

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Denovo also received a mention from IntelStatementIssued. According to the statement, Denuo is working with Intel to test compatibility. He claims that almost all games with Denovo DRM will run on Alder Lake-S-Power PCs. On the other hand, he pointed out that there may be compatibility issues with “old works”. For suspicious works, we will provide correction patches in collaboration with the publisher.

In addition, the foreign mediaPCMagAn analysis of this issue has been posted. “DRM software can cause a PC to be mistaken for two PCs when Alder Lake-S’s hybrid design game is running,” said Chris Stobing, the magazine’s hardware analyst. In other words, games with the same license may be mistaken for running on multiple PCs at the same time. He said this misunderstanding of the DRM could lead to a forced end to the game.

Although the impact is limited, the Alder Lake-S may be a concern as it attracts gamers as well. To avoid upsetting users who have invested a lot of money in the latest CPU, I would like to see a quick response.

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