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Some facts about global warming are deliberately kept quiet

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90% of scientists agree climate change is a problem, but what do the other 10% think and why it matters

December 12, 2022Monday, 9:00 pm

Author: Georgy Rushev

For decades the climate change argument has been cleverly used by politicians to introduce nonsensical green policies that harm ordinary people.

Global warming, which has changed its official name over the years — from warming to cooling to climate change to warming again — is a highly controversial phenomenon that claims to be a fact. For many it is as real as sunrise and sunset, and slogans like “90% of scientists agree on this” have filled every available information channel for decades.

But like toothpastes that are “recommended by nine out of ten dentists,” the other 10% will have something to say on the matter. In most cases, this does not match the narrative that has been built up over the years, and accordingly, the facts presented by scientists who disagree with “global warming” are silenced. Politicians can consciously introduce new and new “environmental protection” policies that destroy the way society works.

So today we present a few facts on the other side of the global warming argument, compiled by David Simon of

A warming planet saves lives. An analysis of millions of deaths in recent decades in several countries around the world, published in the British medical journal The Lancet, shows that low temperatures kill 9 times more people (Research from July 2021) up to 17 times (May 2015 Research) than at warmer temperatures. Indeed, Earth’s moderate warming is approx 1 degree Celsius Such is the case for the period 1880-2022 Millions of lives have been saved.

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CO2 emissions do not pollute, on the contrary, they are beneficial to the environment. In 2017, more than 300 scientists, including Richard Lindson of MIT and William Hopper of Princeton, signed a statement saying – “Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. On the contrary – there is clear evidence that increasing its levels in the atmosphere is beneficial to the environment, helping crops and thus feeding humanity. CO2 is food for plants, not poison. Each of us emits this gas with every breath we take.”

Since 1920, deaths from natural disasters have decreased by 90%. This is according to data from EM-DAT – International Natural Disaster DatabasePublished and presented at Oxford, not only is our planet “warming”, but the human population has quadrupled.

Global warming will not cause an increase in the number of hurricanes. NOAA reportlast updated on November 28, 2022, noted that “there are no long-term trends in hurricane strength. Looking at the number of US hurricanes, the evidence for an increase is weaker. There has been an inverse trend since 1900.”
In the same report it is bolded: “Our conclusion is that Atlantic hurricane data at this point do not provide sufficient evidence for the effect of carbon dioxide and growth in the number of hurricanes or the strength of tropical storms over the past century.”

Global warming has not caused an increase in the area of ​​land burned by fires. As statistician Bion Lomberg shows using data from Journal of Geophysical ResearchThe percentage of land burned by fire decreased over the period 1905–2021.

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Water levels are rising, but only by a very small fraction of a centimeter per year. In an EPA reportLast updated on August 1, 2022, states: “Averaging over all oceans and water bodies, it is clear that water levels have risen by an average of 15 millimeters per year over the period 1880-2013.”

The models used by various propagandists about how dangerous the planet’s rising temperatures are are highly speculative.They can’t even reproduce the temperature changes of the 20th century. This is the main topic in one of the must-read books on the subject in 2021 by Stephen Kunin – “What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t Tell Us, and Why It Matters”

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