Socialist Andres Arrows leads the first round

Socialist Andres Arrows leads the first round

Former President Rafael Correa’s runner – up, socialist economist Andres Aruz, led Ecuador’s first re – election on Sunday, February 7, but will face a second on April 11.

The candidate for the Union Performance (UNES) alliance, Aruz (36), won 31.5 percent. It was followed by left-wing lawyer Yaku Perez, 51, and the Green Party 20.04%, the first native to ever win a presidential election.

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Guillermo Lasso (65), the former Conservative banker of the Creative Opportunity Movement (Cryo, right), is not far behind, with 19.97 percent, and 19.97 percent, according to the National Election Commission (CEC).

CNE President Diana Atomint said the projection was based on the result of 90.4% of the 2,425 polling stations selected out of a total of 40,000. .

Arus celebrated the victory as soon as the polling stations were closed

“Undoubtedly, we are number one”, Andrews welcomed Arrows “Success” As soon as the polling stations are closed.

In exit polls from Sedatos and Clima Social Institutes, Aroos received 34.9 percent to 36.2 percent of the vote. Lasso came in second between 21% and 21.7% and Perez came in third between 16.7% and 18%. 13.1 million voters were called in to select 16 candidates. To win the first round, the winner must get half the votes and plus one, or at least 40% with ten more points than the next.

Called Lasso “Change”, Testing his luck for the third time, a correctional expert after a two-point defeat to Moreno in 2017. In the evening, he was confident in himself again “Success”, In the second run.

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Political scientists such as Simon Pachano of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (Flaxo) suggested that Perez could be reserved. Surprise. “People supported us, which is more than the results show in the official results”, On Sunday evening he told the CNE to be vigilant “Ecuadorians’ decision must be respected”. Although a leftist, he opposed the amendment and gained popularity from the social uprising of 2019. The riots ended in 11 deaths and injured 1,340 people as fuel prices soared as part of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) aid. Perez unites local votes “To the Non-Corporate Left and Other Areas Like Young People”, The agency told France-Press Simon Pachano.

Of the other 13 candidates, only one was a woman: Simena Pena, the weaker ruling Alliance (PA) candidate.

Health measures and long waits

At the end of a campaign to limit Kovid-19, which killed more than 15,000 people in this country of 17.4 million inhabitants, voters had to appoint 137 representatives of a unanimous parliament. The next government should not get a majority because of the separation of political forces. “If anyone wins, he will have a weak command.”, Will have to “Seek Consensus”, Simon Bolivar in the opinion of Esteban Nichols, a political scientist at the Andean University.

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The crisis is causing great dissatisfaction. Ecuador, a major export product, is expected to double its debt and fear a 8.9 percent economic contraction by 2020.

Although not widely voted on, it was present throughout the charismatic but controversial Korean campaign, in Arrows’ posters and in a video message broadcast Thursday during his Dolphin’s last election. “Thank you dear Ecuador ! Despite the dirty propaganda and four years of brutal persecution and slander, the Citizen Revolution was a resounding success. ”, Cantor Socialism of X XXIe Century “. He was sentenced to eight years in prison last year for corruption and was forced to run for vice president.

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He told himself he had settled in the country of his Belgian wife “Hurt” Written by Moreno “Traitor” To reconnect with employers, banks, the United States, and the IMF. Araus has already announced that he will try to review the legal proceedings against Korea and that his adviser will be a government adviser.

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