Soccer. Toulousain Fabien Audard became “Merlu” – football

Soccer.  Toulousain Fabien Audard became "Merlu" - football
  • 1. “What a crazy city!” “
  • “In the summer of 2002, I was recruited by FC Lorient from Yvon Pouliquen. After joining the Toulouse FC Training Center in 1998, I joined Bastia SC on loan for a year. I got off at L’Oreal in the middle of the Intercellic Festival. Ramon Ramirez (former Argentine glory of the FC Lorient, who switched from field to recruiting) took me straight to Shamrock (an Irish pub). I said to myself: What a crazy city! “.

  • 2. “Life Possibilities”
  • “My integration into Lorient went very naturally. I quickly made friends outside of football. Especially during my first visit (he lent to AS Monaco during the 2004-05 season). After all, it’s a coincidence in a football player’s life: it’s a goal, a coach, a love story. Christian Gourkauf recalled me the year he joined D1 (2005-06). It was during this second period, in the middle of my career in Lorient, that I met my wife, Amand, and we had two daughters (Camille, 9, Jade, 6).

  • 3. “I like the simplicity of the Bretons”
  • “I am just happy to be free. I love their simplicity and kindness. I also got used to the weather. It’s always nice to have a little sunshine, but it’s never really cold here! I am a city dweller. I live in the town of Lorient, where my wife is a shopkeeper. I love going to a restaurant and walking to the marina via the Jules-Ferry Esplanade. I spend a lot of time on the Lorient coast, especially in Fort-Block, where I often meet my friends.

  • 4. “I do not want to stay in pro football”
  • “Towards the end of my career (2015), I did not want to stay in the world of professional football. The club approached me and I got along very well with them, I tried a little sales experience, but I wanted it. I need to cut out something else, other backgrounds, and other people. I wanted to enrich myself differently. I got into real estate management.

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  • 5. “Give back what the Lorient people gave me”
  • “When Fabrice Lohr (Lorient Mayor) came to take me to participate in the 2020 municipal campaign, I was far removed from the political arena. But tired of being criticized and wanting to do, his project seduced me into giving back to Lorientius what they had given me. I was also curious to see how public service develops from within. I do not regret it: it is very interesting and important responsibility. I stopped my professional activities to devote myself full time to them. In the first year I did a lot of work and started to feel more comfortable at work.

  • 6. “I’m Finding Other Sports”
  • “I would occasionally return to Moustoyer Stadium to watch FC Loriente matches, but I was a little relieved by the pro football news. The condition of the team (final round of League 1) worries me as much as anyone else. Since the professional club is important to the city’s economy, I expect her to get out of it and stay in League 1. Just like amateur clubs and allied fabrics. Because of my role as an elected official, I travel to other areas and discover new sports, such as the Paralympic sport indoor pet, the Ultimate (Frisbee) or Bozia.

    Fabian Audard on three dates

    March 28, 1978

    Born in Toulouse (43 years old)

    August 2002

    Recruited by FC Lorient, he will wear it until 2015 (352 games)

    June 2020

    Elected Deputy Mayor of Sports for L’Oreal City

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