So the states are trying to fight the big

So the states are trying to fight the big

Tax sites are still open, and web companies are miraculously affected by the epidemic they use (read Amazon); Countries need to attract foreign capital and the right of countries to levy taxes on local earners. The proposal put forward by Democratic U.S. President Joe Biden to combat tax evasion – in short, the global minimum rate of cross-border profits and high national taxes – is changing the standards of global competition between companies. Will it be necessary to pay more taxes to the big players in the 21st century? Le Ferruccio de Bortoli analyzes the phenomenonEconomy of Courier della Sera, Was born with the newspaper in the newsstands tomorrow.

Financial gain is still inevitable for direct investment in various countries, writes De Bortoli. He also cites the European House Ambrosetti Global Attraction Index for 2021: FDI inflows have increased by 16.5 per cent in the past decade, in Ireland by 6.9 per cent, in Italy by 2 per cent and in Germany by 1.1 per cent. This is higher than anywhere else in tax areas. De Bortoli estimates that this phenomenon is causing significant losses in revenue, accounting for 44 billion of the total 54 (in 2017) European countries that do not collect. Discovery: The political climate has changed. The idea of ​​a global minimum rate, which was accepted even by the Germans and the French, was a turning point that seemed impossible a few years ago. The expectation is that foreign investors will be willing to pay less in taxes as long as there are significant gains over ESG components: Sustainability.

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Discussion on inflation

Meanwhile, another turning point in America: the return of the monster, inflation. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s slip reveals that interest rates are still the president of the federation, suggesting that inflation is likely. Perhaps, analyze Economy, Including Biden’s trillion-dollar revival plan, will increase demand.

Dragons and Assignments

However, in this part of the Atlantic Ocean, we wonder about the draggy method of reducing the game of chairs in Italy. The season of public appointments begins under the leadership of Rai, CDP and Railways. If the logic of merit persists, the usual political competition to the top can avoid argument. The cover was submitted to Emanuel Grimaldi, CEO of Naval Group of the same name. Optimism for the expected tourism wave after vaccines: Recovery will leave Italy this summer, he says. Another hero of this week’s characters, Rocco, opens a hotel in Fort Milan and assesses the high level of regional resistance. There are also Domenico Guccini, who invests in recycled plastic, and Vincent Boller, who warms up his Vivendi engines to launch at Transverse Entertainment after MediaSet Pax.

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