After the video, the sound comes on, and the persistent quest sends out the first audio recordings from Mars. Don’t expect exciting Star Wars style effects

This is not a soundtrack from a movie by Christopher Nolan or Ridley Scott, but still – here are the audio clips recorded on Mars. In the recorded audio clips Perseverance – We can hear the wind blowing over the red star and the laser launcher of the lander firing lasers in that area. As you can hear for yourself, the sound is far from being influential or reminiscent of MDA movies, but we are optimistic.

Hit a point from a distance of 6 meters

In the first segment, we hear the wind blowing recorded on 22.2.21 (especially after 20 seconds):

The second category has repeated ticking. Behind this monotonous ticking is an interesting experiment, during which lander laser beams are launched into a rock called Mass (Mars in Navajo language) – 3.1 meters away from it. According to NASA, the laser is so accurate that it can hit the desired point at the end of the sentence the size of a dot – even at a distance of more than 6 meters.

As soon as the laser hits the Rocky Rock, the collision is recorded with the help of a camera, sound recording, and optical spectrometer, which examines the radiation spectrum of various objects. Different elements and molecules can be identified using a spectrometer.

You will find life

The main task of perseverance is to find the ancient signs of permanent life in the red star. This is the reason why the spacecraft landed in the heart of the Jessero crater, which is estimated to have been an ancient lake about 3.9 billion years ago. The surface is very rough, including clays, boulders and boulders, but researchers believe that its soil may contain traces of ancient life that lived on Mars.

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>> By the way, It turns out that NASA engineers hid some surprises in a lander that landed on Mars.

Gectic system

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