So he “moved” China and Russia to avoid a defeat-

So he "moved" China and Russia to avoid a defeat-
From Marco Galluso

G20, Prime Minister Mario Draghi speaks of “success”: “Every word counts and then gradually achieves goals”. The last night of discussions was crucial

Mario Draghi calls it “success”“The same word they use Biden, Macron E. Johnson, Congratulations to him. Yet, he himself is humble and sincere That too is a compromise. But the two ideas about the head of government do not collide: “You have to start, every word counts in international documents, and then gradually you arrive. Goals “.

In conclusion Still no sign of a turning point, But the opposite is strange. Progress should be evaluated Draghi lists them one by one: Date 2050 It’s not mandatory, it’s indicative, but it’s unprecedented, and the result can be framed as “We kept a dream alive.” If the limits of the conclusions about the weather They all come up at the end of the summitIn questions from the Italian and foreign media, Draghi smiled calmly, contentedly, but could not deny the words:We made a difference, at least I hope so.

The sincerity of the G20 president is combined with the responses he reflects on himself at the end of the summit. Underlines the efforts of his staff and the Italian diplomatic corps. First: No one underestimates what we have built, “he said Work full year“Second. Basically, there was a risk of failure, but in the end.”Russia and China moved“But only in the last three days” and “last night” was decisive, a night behind the curtain, in which the Sherpas of 20 countries endangered the stalemate and in some parts facilitated the sharp conflict between Washington and Beijing.

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For this reason, few people know the details behind the curtain, Mario Draghi declares himself “proud” and publicly gives a key to the interpretation, A very instructive, very complex puzzle finally put together again. How did “success” come about? “We tried to understand the causes and difficulties of developing countries.” In conclusion: Western world He also put himself in the shoes of Moscow, Beijing, New Delhi. “As in China, when you produce half of the world’s steel using coal-fired power plants, you have to understand that rapid environmental transformation is by no means easy,” he said. Versatility means a kind Geopolitical sympathy, At least on epoch-making challenges, the Prime Minister makes clear, he adds nothing: “for all the clear commitments we have made to developing countries, we must add to the promises.”

Promises is a story yet to be written, but it is a hint of Draghi. He talked to Biden and Johnson about it, and there is a writing system of different interests, which is just the beginning, but it’s found a way: “After massive public sector interventions, the financial sector has extraordinary dimensions. We are talking about trillions of dollars, so money is not an issue.” , These interests need to be deployed and embodied in them.

That remains to be emphasized Light, Personal and country. Everyone agrees that he handled the summit with great results and with great ability. He shrugged: “Does the power of Italy depend on me? No”. And hints of a smile.

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