Snowy Escape, the new Japanese-inspired winter extension of The Sims 4 coming out on November 13th

Snowy Escape, the new Japanese-inspired winter extension of The Sims 4 coming out on November 13th

Sims4Calling the next extension Snowy Escape, And adds to the Japanese-inspired winter neighborhood of Mont. Comorobi, publisher Electronic Arts announced Tuesday. Snowy Escape Originally available via Steam on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Mac, and Xbox One on November 13th. Snowy Escape For the expansion pack. It will cost 39.99.

Players can use their Sims to engage in new activities – especially winter sports. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding and rock climbing are all part of the mountain range. Comorobi experience. Extreme options such as hiking, hot pot eating and bathing in Japanese hot springs are also available.

Image: Maxis / Electronic Arts

This means adding new items and clothing. “The expansion pack offers players traditional and modern furniture options to design their niche, with unique architectural styles and pieces including shoji doors, windows, screens, tatami mats and paper lamps,” Electronic Arts said in a statement. Players can also add an extra touch to create their own oasis, such as a koi for decorative fountains and a rock garden in the shade of Japanese maple trees. When it comes to clothing, expect attractive, warm winter gears and “modern everyday traditional Japanese inspired fashion”.

As far as the more general gameplay options go, EA described two new features: lifestyles and emotions, which are expected to “give more depth to Sims’ personalities and relationships.”

Sims on an onsen

Image: Maxis / Electronic Arts

EA said that lifestyle is designed to “manifest in response to a SIM’s actions and habits”, that is, behavior changes through the SIM’s “life experience”. Sentiments are a feature that represents “how two SIMs may feel differently about the outcome of a shared experience”. Apparently these will have a huge and lasting impact on relationships and social interactions.

The last extension pack of the game, Eco Living, Released in 2019. after that, Sims4 The game has received smaller and more up-to-date updates called stuff packs. In July, Nifty added a nightingale animation and lots of glamorous outfits to its knitting stuff pack. Sims4 – Fits before the upcoming Snow Escape. Recently, in September, the company launched a Star Wars-themed game pack Star Wars: The Journey to Batu, This is hardcore Sims4 The players had mixed excitement.

The Sims team raised the expectations of fans Snowy Escape Earlier this month, a number of eagerly awaited requests will be considered I do not know Will be included in the extension. That means no bunk beds (something Sims4 Fans Disappointment for), children, or driveable cars. However, these features do not exist at all – they are not part of it Snowy Escape.

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