Snow Moon: What is it, when and where can it be seen?

Snow Moon: What is it, when and where can it be seen?

This weekend you can enjoy the February full moon known as the “Snow Moon”. The astronomical phenomenon can be fully seen This Saturday, February 27, As long as the weather is favorable.

On the Virtual Telescope Project page ( Announced to watch a broadcast from Rome, Italy On his YouTube channel starting at 11 a.m. Central Mexico time.

All you need to join our live live webcast is a computer / tablet / smartphone and internet connection. We will appreciate our moon ‘Eternal City’ rising from Rome at sunset. It will be an unforgettable experience. Snow Full Moon 2021 Enjoy with us! ” The Virtual Telescope Project says on its official official site.

The event can be viewed In the night sky over the world, including Mexico.

What is Snow Moon?

This is called a “snow moon” Full moon in February. Ancient American tribes associated its form with heavy snowfall in the northern hemisphere. Also known as the Full Hunger Moon, Food is not readily available due to the cold winter weather.


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