Snow makes a big pile on the national highway, and one person dies

Snow makes a big pile on the national highway, and one person dies

On January 19, 2021, a huge snowstorm formed in Japan. – Canem Muto / AP / CP

The Japan For several weeks in remarkable snow. One of them became gigantic
Danger Tuesday in Osaki, northern Japan. Scattered on the Tohoku Highway NHK And Metro, Relayed Capital.

Authorities were forced to limit speeds in the section to 50 kilometers per hour due to poor visibility. A measure that prevents a collision between a truck and a passenger car just before noon. According to meteorologists, the wind was blowing at a speed of 100 km per hour. The accident was caused by 134 cars with a length of 800 meters.

Urgent meeting

Emergency services cared for the victims. Ten people were injured and two were seriously injured. No one escaped with injuries. Water, food and blankets were distributed to motorists and passengers.

Several trains had to be canceled in the Tohoku region due to rain Snow. Accordingly BBC, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga called an emergency meeting. The politician urged his fellow citizens to be extra vigilant as heavy snowfall is still expected.

Unexpected rain

In some parts of Japan, in recent weeks, this time of year has doubled to less than expected. Tens of thousands of homes in the north and west of the country lost power.

Troops were deployed last December to rescue motorists trapped in cars for two days due to snow. A total of 1,000 vehicles were stranded on the Kanetsu Express Highway.

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