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Snake Breathing Device, System, Unique Facts, Check Here!

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Snake breather is often a question of some. Few people do not know, so they are curious about what breathing apparatus snakes use for breathing. If you also don’t know then it would be better to see the following discussion.

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Learn the Snake Breathing Tool

We know that snakes are one of the reptiles. Like humans, snakes have lungs. What sets it apart is that snakes use only one lung to breathe, while humans have two lungs.

Still talking about the snake breathing apparatus, the breathing system is different from that of sea snakes. Although snakes do not normally have a functioning lung, sea snakes use a lung as an organ.

The lungs are filled with air so they can float in water.

Snake Respiratory System

After knowing the snake’s respiratory system, it is good to understand how the respiratory system works.

From the above review it has been revealed that the lungs are a respiratory organ, but do you know that there are actually other respiratory organs that support breathing. So what is the snake’s respiratory system?


Since lungs are the main respiratory organ, snakes also use nostrils for breathing. This external respiratory organ is responsible for the inflow and outflow of air from the body.


This small opening behind the tongue is a vertical slit that closes and opens during inhalation. This breathing apparatus affects the hissing sound of the snake.

Because it has cartilage in it, the snake can deliberately expel air from the lungs but pulsate if it is not breathing.

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Another respiratory tract is the air passing through the trachea or trachea. Snakes have an elongated trachea surrounded by a ring of cartilage.

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Before reaching the lungs, the air first passes through the bronchi. There are two main bronchi in the respiratory system of snakes.

Unique facts about how snakes breathe

There are many unique facts about the way snakes breathe that are interesting to know. Here are some of them.

No diaphragm

You need to know that snakes do not have a diaphragm. Because of this, snakes rely on the muscles and ribs of their bodies as oxygen pathways. In this way, the oxygen that the snake breathes in goes straight to the snake’s respiratory system.

The tongue as an organ of smell

It is no secret that the tongue is known as the sense of taste. Then for the nose, it plays an important role as the organ of smell. But snakes are different.

Snakes have tongues that act as olfactory organs, but that doesn’t mean snakes don’t have noses. It turns out that snakes have two nostrils for breathing.

When observing snakes, it is often observed that the tongue hangs out. This is actually not without reason. By extending its tongue, the snake tries to catch scent particles in the air.

Then when the tongue is put back, it means the particles are taken in, so the snake can smell it better. From this explanation, we can say that snakes can smell through their tongue.

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Related to the unique fact of the snake’s respiratory apparatus, this reptile can breathe not only through the nose, but also through the mouth. This habit is similar to humans. Only snakes use the glottis.

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There is an airbag

Another factor related to the way snakes breathe is air pockets. This air sac plays an important role as an organ to continue the hydrostatic process. This process will regulate the amount of air pressure in the snake’s body.

You need to know that the presence of an air bag proves that the breathing apparatus is definitely good. Snakes can breathe properly even when hunting other large animals.

Because snakes can use other breathing systems. This habit proves not only the quality of the snake’s respiratory system, but also its reproductive system.

After listening to the above review, now you know what the breathing apparatus of a snake is. Moreover, you will also be more familiar with the complete snake respiratory system with unique facts on how snakes breathe. We cannot deny that the way snakes breathe is quite unique and interesting to study. (R10/HR-Online)

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