Smartphones and tablets become second-hand monitors. Magnet stand “Supmango” – Japanese version

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Set it up on your PC and your smartphone or tablet will become a second monitor. There is no doubt that PC work and online meetings will be more convenient than they are now.

Two, efficient work is possible by attaching a smartphone and tablet.

Since it is only 4mm thin, it’s smart to forget that it’s attached to a PC.

Superman can be attached to any laptop, tablet or display. SUPMAN GO is compatible with most smartphones.

* Includes a magnet sticker for non-magnetic smartphones on the back.

It can withstand tablets and mobile phones and smartphones weighing up to 500 grams.

Qi charging is possible with the included wireless charger.

* Compatible with all smartphones with Qi wireless charging function.

* The iPhone is Apple restricted and can only charge up to 7.5W with a third party wireless charger.

Even if you have an iPhone 12 or earlier model, if you already have a MagSafe charger, you can use it by attaching the magnet sheet attached to the submanco.

* Supmanco Wireless Charger is compatible with iPhone MagSafe devices (version 12 or later), iPhone 8 or later, and all Android devices that support Qi wireless charging.

പ് Supmanco Lite is designed with video calling in mind.

By making it brighter, you can make your face look brighter and more attractive.

Using a magnet, Supmanco can be connected to any device and easily removed. Very precise and elegant.

* A magnet sticker is attached to each return.

S “Sapman Go” Magnet Stand

  1. By turning the mobile device into a second screen, you can let go of both hands and work more efficiently.

  2. Foldable, convenient to carry.

  3. Easy to install and stable with adequate suction power.

S “Supman Go” Light

S “SUPMANGO” Wireless Charger

A1 Warranty period

Q1. This product has a 2 year warranty period.

A2. Do I need a cable to use the light?
Q2. No need to use cable as it has battery. However, it does need to be charged, so you can get high brightness by adding a plug.

A3. What is the charging speed of a wireless charger?
Q3. The maximum output output of the wireless charger is 15W. Apple limits the charging power of iPhones with third-party wireless chargers to 7.5W.

A4. Can I use my MagSafe charger with SUPMANGO?
Q4. Attach the magnet sheet to the back of the magnify charger.

* Please note that we do not accept returns or refunds other than initial defects.

* If the number of supports exceeds expectations, shipping time may be delayed due to manufacturing process.

* Parallel imports may be distributed. Please note that this cannot be prevented by individual import and sales channels.

* Due to the nature of crowdfunding, we request your understanding and understanding of the above points before supporting us.

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