Smart Working, Extension to September: Government in the Workplace

Smart Working, Extension to September: Government in the Workplace

Simple mode will now expire on April 30th. The government and the parties are planning to extend the vaccination period till the end of September to protect it.

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The vaccination plan was caught in two doses 4.4 million Of people Italy, But the timeline in between Simple rule Of Corporate Smart Working. Amendments to the Milleproz Decree at the End of February Smooth Procedures for Strict Work of Employees from 31st March April 30. The majority of the government is discussing the need to extend thisAutumn This method was first introduced on March 1, 2020 by the former Conte Bis government in the early days of the epidemic in Italy.

At the time, the Prime Minister’s Order (DPCM) mandated the possibility of extensive telematic uploading of smart working communications, Without going through personal contracts In the absence of an extension, formal agreement was formally reached between the Company and the employee under the General Law (No. 81 of 2017), which came into force in just ten days. Such an eventfulness This will force companies to call employees, To define Written agreement And a range Bureaucratic formalities It will create a few problems when the circumstances are taken into account.

Therefore, the extension of Simple Smart Working will be under consideration Until September 30, With a provision to be included Sostegni Decree 2, Depending on what Only 24 ores. A working group around Sports Minister Andrea Orlando would have already convened. Under the previous decree of March 22, simple smart working was guaranteed until June 30 only for vulnerable workers with severe disabilities.

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However, if there were 570,000 smart workers registered in Italy before the Pandemic in March 2021, it would be over. 6 million. According to Randstadt Research, at least three million professionals will choose this method over the next six months. According to the Smart Working Observatory at the Polytechnic de Milan, 2.1 million of the “smart” workers are employed in large companies, 1.1 million in SMEs, 1.5 million in micro-enterprises and more than 1.8 million in public administration. In Italy Beyond that 40% workers During the pandemic Works only from home. Only Ireland and Belgium have the highest percentage in the European Union, averaging 34%.

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