Smaller European Countries – Ireland – San Marino Report 107

Smaller European Countries - Ireland - San Marino Report 107

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August 12, 2021

Smaller European Countries – Ireland – San Marino Report 107 – 59

Coach Magelly’s national team has nothing to do with their third engagement at the European Championships for Small States in Dublin. Against the hosts of Ireland, a team aiming for gold indefinitely, may play the most proud medal with Malta in the final match on Sunday, our boys were soon below the score, and then could not narrow the gap in the rest of the match. Good third quarter for McKinney and teammates, but in the end the Irish sprint brings the scoreboard to 107-59 out of 40 ??.

The Chronicle. The Irish quintet soon started strong, scoring 12-0 in the first five minutes. Igor Beardi’s two free throws smashed San Marino, but the evening’s opponent did not really give him any chance, and he beat our national team in the first quarter. A2 ?? Ireland are 27-2 at the end of this period, with Hosford at the top, and 34-9 at the end of the quarter.

Randolph and Palmeri triple at the start of the second period, however, with Ireland being able to grind points more easily, thus widening the already wide gap until they reach 59-22 in the middle of the match. Returning from the locker rooms, San Marino finds the best moment of his match, keeping Beardi points unchanged at intervals (80-45). In the last ten minutes, Ireland again reached the final 107-59 on the scoreboard.

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Now Biancasuri has two days without matches (everyone rests tomorrow, the San Marino round will be skipped on Saturday). The national team’s final match is against Gibraltar on Sunday (5 p.m.).

Ireland ?? San Marino 107-59

Ireland: Flood 16 (3/5, 3/6), Fulton 9 (3/3, 1/2), Murphy 10 (3/6), Blount 8 (4/7), Carol 14 (7/10), Hosford 4 (2/4, 0/1), Quigley 9 (3/5, 1/2), Randolph 7 (2/4 da Trey), Killin 10 (5/9), oh ?? Sullivan 2 (1/1, 0/3), Row 4 (2/3, 0/2), Hanley 15 (3/5, 2/3). All .: Keenan.

San Marino: Masina 9 (2/3, 0/6), Moretti 10 (1/2, 2/6), Low. Liberty 7 (2/5, 1/3), Beardi 15 (5/14, 1/3), Felici 4 (2/3, 0/1), Pasolini 8 (2/4, 0/5), Palmyra 6 (2/3 of three), Mysevik, Bombini, Le. Liberty, Letoli, Renzi. Coach: Magelly.

Parts: 34-9, 59-22, 80-45, 107-59.

Loriano Sanoni

FSP Press Office

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