Slovenia takes EU leadership, strengthens border security –

Slovenia takes EU leadership, strengthens border security -

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Slovenia takes over the torch of the Council of the European Union. On Thursday (July 1), Slovenia officially became the sixth President of the Council of the European Union. Lubjana will focus on the fight against the Kovid-19 pandemic; Restoring and restoring to future crises; Slovenian Press Agency Reveals EU Expansion STA.

However, as negotiations are currently in crisis, Lubjana is also offering the hot potatoes of the asylum and immigration agreement. Read More (STA With

European Institutions

Pandemic: The rights of air travelers are not “guaranteed” in the European Union, according to European court auditors. The “essential rights” of air passengers were not guaranteed at the time of the outbreak, and European Court auditors on Tuesday (June 29) issued a ruling explaining the delay or the lack of refunds for the following flight cancellations from airlines. Read More (French Media Agency, AFP)


The intervention of German troops in Afghanistan officially ends. Germany’s 20 – year invasion of Afghanistan ended on Wednesday (June 30), with the last troops safely returning home. (Nicholas J. Kurmayer, EURACTIV Germany)


The Institute Pasteur warns of the danger of a fourth wave in the fall. If vaccination progresses in France, it will prove that the proportion of immunocompromised population is inadequate to avoid the fourth peak of Kovid-19 pollution in the fall, according to a study released by the research institute on Tuesday (June 29). (Magdalena Pistorius, EURACTIV France)

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Hundreds of migrants are on a hunger strike in Brussels. Concerns over the weeks-long hunger strike by hundreds of unregistered immigrants in the Belgian capital escalated this week, with four people putting their lips together to underline the need for legal recognition and access to jobs and social services. ( With Reuters)


Expand financial aid as the fight against Kovid-19 progresses. The government on Wednesday (June 30) announced a maximum of 2.5 billion euros in bank lending to businesses until the end of the Grand Duchy year to help the economy fight the epidemic when the country opens. Thanks to this program, when Luxembourg entered its first phase in March 2020 to stabilize the economy, the state announced that it would lend to companies for a maximum of six years, amounting to, 2.5 billion. (Ann Damiani, EURACTIV France)


Discussions on repatriation of refugees who have committed criminal offenses. Chancellor Caroline Edstaddler will discuss with various experts how to expedite the repatriation of refugees who have committed criminal offenses allegedly carried out by two Afghan refugees after the killing of a 13-year-old girl last weekend. (Oliver Noyen, EURACTIV Germany)


Provisional EU-GB agreement approving the entry of frozen meat into Northern Ireland The European Union (EU) and Britain have announced a temporary agreement to allow uncooked meat into Northern Ireland for another three months, and many other changes since Brexit. Irish Times. (Paula Kenny,


The leader of the moderate party has the opportunity to form a new Swedish government. Swedish Parliament Speaker Andreas Norlan has ordered the chairman of the Moderate Conservative-Liberal Party, the largest opposition party in the current parliament, Ulf Kristerson, to try to form a new government. (Peka Vantinen,


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The video of police beating him in jail is provocative. Publication of the newspaper TomorrowPolice in riot gear stormed a rally on Wednesday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Police in riot gear stormed a rally in Santa Maria Capua’s Veter prison in southern Italy on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Read More (Daniel Lettig, EURACTIV Italy)


The Socialist Party will “never” support the independence vote in Catalonia. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Wednesday (June 30) that there would be no referendum on independence in Catalonia because the Socialist Party (PSOO) he leads “will never accept it.” (Euro f)


The Visegrade Group does not want to “expand to other countries”. Poland and the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary do not intend to expand the Visegrade Group, Prime Minister Matthias Moraveki said yesterday (June 30) at the V4 summit in Katowice. (Anna Volska, EURACTIV Poland)


In the opinion of the Czech Prime Minister, the budget of the European Union presidency is not final. The 1.24 billion trophies (approximately 50 million euros) planned for the Czech presidency in the second half of 2022 are not final, Prime Minister Andrzej Babis wrote on Wednesday. Economists, investors and diplomats are concerned about a very low budget. Read More (Ontage Plewak, EURACTIV Czech Republic)


German Interior Minister Hungary plans to cut European funds. “EU fund cuts will send a clear indication of the bloc’s stance on Hungary’s recent LGBTQI + discriminatory pedophile legislation,” German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said in an interview with LGBTQI. Augsburg General. (Vladimir Maksimov, With telex)


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A “vaccination lottery” and a shipwreck for travelers. The Slovak government on Wednesday (June 30) unveiled a new incentive scheme to increase vaccination rates in Slovakia, which includes a “vaccination lottery” with a prize pool of 2 million euros each week, as well as a cash bonus. Encourages people to get vaccinated and makes a mandatory 5 week mandatory period for unrestricted travelers from July 9th. (Barbara Shmukova, EURACTIV Slovakia)

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