Sligo catches up from their nerve space to play in the semi-finals

Sligo catches up from their nerve space to play in the semi-finals

Sligo Rovers will travel to Tallag to face Shamrock Rovers in this Sunday’s FII Cup semi – final. After beating Derry City on the showgrounds.

Only a penalty shootout that fails to score a goal after two hours of football can separate the sides.

Sligo missed one of their four penalties, but misses from Conor McCormack and Walter Figueroa dropped Ibrahim Mita with a wide kick, which the hosts won 3-1 from spot kicks.

Despite their recent training system being affected in several Kovid cases after the final shooting two weeks ago, the game was activated by visitors.

James Akintunde gave Ed McGinty his first try in three minutes. After the striker got up to visit Sierra Cole’s cross, McGinty grabbed Akintunde’s header.

It was also Sligo’s first game since the match against Dandalk 16 days ago at Oriel Park.

The combination of McGinty and Ronan Coglan proves enough to keep Gerardo Bruno’s free kick away from the post in the 23rd minute. Liam struggled to find Buckley’s legs.

City put in a good performance in the first half, but the Rovers took advantage of their first chance with a 33 – run soccer punch.

The ball disguised as the X-Derry Ace Jr. played in Coglan, but City netmer Peter Cherry spread well and blocked Cofflan’s drive angle. Gary Buckley’s volley from the resulting corner was reminiscent of Declan Dave’s allegations of Sligo’s firepower. The stand-in center narrowed the shooting by half.

Sligo is happy after sealing their pass to Sunday’s semi-finals

Despite spending the opening 45 back legs, the hosts got another chance to open the scoring in the first moments of the second period. But unmarked Alex Cooper failed to find his bearings because Reagan mistakenly split from Donnelon Cross to Coglan’s Flick’s back post.

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Another Bruno set piece, this time from 25 yards, hit McGinty again at 65. The ball bounced over the crossbar of the Ireland U21 International.

Akin is close to 71, but wrapped up his effort over the far post to throw the ball past John Mahone as the powerful Marksman put the goal ahead.

McGinty’s goalmouth drew more attention as City handed out more chances.

The rookie goalkeeper deflected Stephen Mullen’s attempt into a corner before Cameron McJanet smashed a close range header from the crossbar into the resulting set piece.

McGinty was only able to fire shortly after the introduction of his replacement, Walter Figueroa. McGinty was equal to anything Adam Hummel could throw in extra time after the winger had advanced over two challenges.

Sligo is designed to be the perfect opportunity to work hard for half an hour. But several dairy bodies blocked the title attempt.

Figura and Conor McCormack, who shot incorrectly, had to score to keep Ibrahim Mita tied in the shootout. But the substitute can only pull the wide spot kick of the Sligo goal.

Sligo Rovers: Ed McGinty; Louis Banks, John Mahone, Gary Buckley, Reagan Donnelon; David Cowley (Darag Noon 85), Will Seymour; Alex Cooper, Jr.; Ronan Coglan, Ryan de Vries (Danny Kane 90).

Derry City: Peter Cherry; Colm Horgan, Eon Toll, Cameron McGonagall, Ciaran Cole; Stephen Mullen (Walter Figura 80), Conor McCormack, Jack Malone (Cieron Harkin 61), Adam Hamil (Conor Clifford 110); Gerardo Bruna (Joe Thompson 80), James Akintunde (Ibrahim Meet 87).

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Referee: Neil Doyle

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