Sky-HBO Co-Production Finds Leading Actress –

Sky-HBO Co-Production Finds Leading Actress

The eight-part horror comedy will star Michelle de Swarte alongside Amira Ghazalla and Amber Grappy.

Sky and HBO are currently producing an eight-part horror comedy series “Baby”Written by Zion Robbins-Grace. For Robbins-Grace, it’s like being a screenwriter. Actress and comedian Michelle de Swart owns the series, posing for the first time on camera in the Netflix series “Diva”. They will play as 38-year-old Natasha. Amira Ghazalla and Amber Grappie will play other important roles.

The focus is on Natasha, who has always done what she wanted and never planned for the long term. However, expecting a baby suddenly changes her life. Natasha’s life is turned into a horror show by a newborn with controlled, artificial and violent forces. When she discovers the true extent of its deadly nature, Natasha makes intense efforts to avoid the baby. She doesn’t want a baby but the baby needs Natasha. Grappie plays Natasha’s younger sister, Bobby, who is jealous and wants to have a baby of her own. Ghazalla, meanwhile, plays 73-year-old Mrs. Eves, who has lived in his car for the past 50 years. It seems to be everywhere with the baby.

Michelle de Swarte says of her role: “Natasha is an emotionally connected character, with character weaknesses that I can understand 100 percent from reading the script, and with whom I fell in love. It’s a dream come true for someone I do not understand, but holding my fingers. Cyan has written a character with depth, honesty and authenticity that is heartwarming. I am very happy to have worked with so many great women on a project about women.

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Our casting director Aisha Biwaters did a great job of casting these three incredible actresses alongside Michelle, Amira and Amber. Once we met her it felt like she had written rolls for them. We are pleased to be directing the series with directors Stacey, Faraz and Ella, who are capable of bringing the episodes to life, quoting Cian Robbins-Grace and Lucy Gamer in a statement from Sky.

Eight episodes are produced by Sister and Proverbs. Executive producers are Robbins-Grace, Jane Featherstone, Carolyn Strauss, Naomi de Pierre, Katie Carpenter and Nicole Cassel. Directed by Nicole Castle, supported by Stacy Greg, Faraz Shariat and Ella Jones. The series is currently being filmed in the UK and will air in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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