Sixty-nine percent of passport holders did not use it, and 15,000 did not.

Sixty-nine percent of passport holders did not use it, and 15,000 did not.

The Directorate General of Public Security said in a statement that over the past year and a half, the Directorate General of Public Security has witnessed a significant increase in the number of citizens seeking Lebanese passports. Receive citizens’ requests for administrative, technical and logistic reasons and hand over their passports within the stipulated time.

In the light of this fact, the Directorate General of Public Security took a number of control measures during that period, which led to the launch of an electronic platform for booking pre-arranged appointments for them to submit passport applications. However, despite all these measures, the General Security continued to receive complaints from citizens about their inability to obtain passports, which they urgently needed and their reasons were justified.

They explained that in view of this situation the General Directorate had resorted to the study and analysis of numbers. Unfortunately, she found the following:

– The vast majority of citizens acquire passports without using them, reaching about 69%.

– By 2021, about 20,000 citizens have renewed their passports, and the validity of the renewed passport has exceeded two years.

– More than 15,000 passports have been processed at public security centers and have not been received by their holders.

They point out that the significant increase in pressure resulting from numerous requests for passports over the past year has exceeded all previously expected expectations and studies. And restrictions on public procurement that have adversely affected passport stock. Despite this, the Directorate was quick to take all necessary steps to secure adequate passports in the years to come, and to refer official transactions to the relevant authorities to ensure funding for the completion of the purchase process. Get what you need.

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Based on the above, the Directorate General of Public Security would like to point out that additional organizational measures have been taken to enforce the laws and ensure their application, as well as the power to guarantee the public liberty of persons guaranteed and protected by the Constitution. Steps to protect the freedom of movement of citizens who wish to travel, help them prioritize obtaining a passport, and travel in the face of such overwhelming requests.

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