Six Nations Women, Ireland-Italy 29-8

Six Nations Women, Ireland-Italy 29-8

Without a reserve of three starting players, the Italians lose 29-8 and remain at zero points in the standings.

Disappointment and misfortune in the third round of the Tic Tac Six Nations women’s rugby for Italy. The play-off in the queue against Ireland, the game that was supposed to mark the real start of the Italian tournament, ended in a clear humiliation and a 29-8 defeat (attempts 5-1). Unfortunately three starting players and one reserve were found to be positive in Kovid, and when he left for Cork, the home of the match, he remained at home. Thus training became revolutionary. Maybe things would have changed differently with them. Italy are now the only team with zero points, but at least they scored on the first try. Debut of Alasia Margotti from Valsugana.

The first half

After Italy’s good start, with Regoni’s 0-3 placement, Ireland dominated the entire territory and territory. Deserves more than the two goals scored. The most spectacular third in the 29th minute was canceled after a spectacular climb to the ground in the 70m arm, with Murphy Crowe, who was handled by Furlan, being caught before grabbing the ball without leaving. The defense keeps the blues. Often in advance with the line, it is effective even when the Irish are advancing. Opponents enter the attack 22 times 6 times, often close to the goal line, but at 4 they are rejected. They only get points 2 times. With Mulhall on the 20th, shortly after, Moul, a committed defender, extended the ball to the wing. On a mole drive with Jones at 34, numerical excellence from Yellow to Giordano. Italy launches three attacks, 27 ‘, 29’ and 40 ‘, but they do not materialize due to errors or mania to pass. Part 10-3.

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Second half

Ireland continued to dominate the second half but the strategy changed. Passing in the wind, very strong, use your feet to move forward. With this, two goals were scored to end the match. Higgins scores 42, picks up a football to jump over Dane’s face and mocks the three blues. A tactical kick from Flood on the 51st leads Furlan to cancel and concede a 5-meter-wide scoop that springs to the technical target. Another notable fact of the recovery is the excellence of the Irish Sikram. Italy will have to wait at 71 to score their first flag goal in three matches in six countries, for the Yellows’ numerical superiority (tackle to reverse). The other three fouls lead her to a penalty touch and a mole drive driven by Melissa Bottoni. However, the result is marked. In Ireland’s final attack, touching in the 5th meter, O’Dwyer’s goal came and set the final 29-8.


Status: England, France 15; Wales 10 points; Ireland 5; Scotland 1; Italy 0. Fourth Round: Wales-France on Friday 22 April; Saturday 23 Italy-Scotland; Sunday 24 England-Ireland.

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