Six Nations Tournament. Facing Welsh, Melvin Jaminet escapes the flames of hell

Six Nations Tournament.  Facing Welsh, Melvin Jaminet escapes the flames of hell

Alternately good and bad, the No. 15 tricolor was able to lift the bar after his last two outings, either in the game, on high balls or on foot victory (3/4). However, he struggled a little with the occupation in the battle that pitted him against Dan Bigar, a client serious in practice, but he did well.

Cannon Start

It didn’t take long for Melvin Zaminet to get into his match. After receiving the first high ball without defensive pressure, he opened the scoring with a penalty from 38 meters in front of the posts to take his mark gently (0-3, 3).E). On a kick from Dan Bigar, Joram was careful to communicate well with Moifana, who secured his second reception. Doubts were removed and it was time to expedite.

In his third reception, Jaminet released the horses, strengthened the Welsh defense and began working at the origin of the tricolor before serving Willier. Perpignan gave the rear a fresh impetus at the start and at the end, playing well with two-against-one to serve Jellon. The transition passes (3-10, 9E), An even better introduction could not have been dreamed of by the Geminite.

But like the France team, Melvin Jaminet is going to have a little more trouble before the break, sometimes struggling in the Welsh-dominated occupation game. On a low kick cover from Quilbert, he tried to restart under pressure but was caught by Faleto just before the poles. Support was slow to come, and Moifana was wrong (16E).

Table tennis with Bigger

In a ping-pong game against Dan Bigar, the tricolor backer hits a long kick that ends in a dead ball (25E), And found himself overcoming a long diagonal from his vis-a-whistle when he returned to the game within 22 French meters (36E). Just before half-time, Jaminet tried to give the Blues some air to fall from 40 meters, but his shot was completely shattered (40E).

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After the break, Melvin Zaminett was unlucky not to score from the penalty spot at the 22-meter entrance to restore a small lead for France XV (9-13, 46).E). Like this rescue of a small tap in his duel against Adams on a cross at the bottom of the Bigger, he was on the defensive (60E). But the referee felt that there was a forward. The back of the blues, which was more comfortable during the second half of the occupation, was secured until the final whistle. Penalty attempt (77) missed from 49 meters to the right of the posts was irrelevant. After a week of stress, Geminit was able to breathe.

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