Six Nations, Ireland beat Italy 48-10 – Rugby

Six Nations, Ireland beat Italy 48-10 - Rugby
Thirty consecutive defeats of Ital Rugby in six countries, third in the 2021 edition.

After the knockout with France and England Smith’s Blues lost to Ireland 48-10, playing with double figures in the second half thanks to the cards of Silochi and Bigi.

A major setback for the national team, which takes to the field on March 13 to host Wales at home. The capital will be ruled by Spring Air, but the approach to the Assyrian competition seems comforting. Both are due to the fact that Garbici soon gives football a test of accuracy (3 ‘), as well as Greens taking a few minutes to take action and take control of the game. Captain Sexton hit a freekick in the 5th, and then the guests put their foot on the accelerator, but the Italian defense did not skid, struggling at 10, but after two saves, the first guest goal, signed by Ringgros. Decorated with Sexton’s foot.

Trolla’s excellent tackle, Sexton’s penalty still temporarily saves Italy from paying undisciplined duty, making it 17-10, 3-10. Blues’ angry reaction, capturing 22 opponents without taking advantage of Schrum’s weight. Ireland then took advantage of some of their opponents ‘defensiveness to widen the gap: at the age of 30, Keenan’ flew to break through without finding obstacles ‘, and in the 35th, Connors’ came into three categories. Sexton have a sniper’s goal, so it’s 3-27 that will not disappoint Italy. From a narrow angle, those who do not miss the transition by sending the match at 10-27.

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Forget it, however, that the Assyrians’ return to the field suffers from the hands of a fourth-in-four Irish standout in the 3rd.. Italy suffers, it’s forced to reduce a man to the yellow of Silochi from 19; Standard, on the 22nd, sees an attempt removed from the TMO for a forward, and on the 23rd Bigi fixes another card that leaves his team at 13. With double dominance, Ireland have an even easier life: smashing corners between poles at 25’s. Lowe seems to be taking personal pleasure out of the TMO for another forward. It’s not over, because, in the end, the Earls’ marking also comes: Sexton is infallible, giving the Greens 48-10.

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