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In some cases, the atmosphere plays such a crucial role Six countries. Despite trying to make the schedule more ‘sible’ and save viewers’ return time, the Northern Hemisphere Classic starts on the same dates this Saturday. Rugby temples will not have an audience – some are still skeptical of these last two days, March – and worship services will be affected. England, the defending champions in October after 271 days, are the favorites to collect their fourth injury since 2016, along with France, the best team in the last edition. Italy-France (3.15pm) and England-Scotland (5.45pm) are the first dishes on the menu.

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France’s presence was in doubt following the country’s decision to withdraw teams from European competitions. Finally, his government made six exceptions, confirming that it was evolving into a bubble similar to the Tour de France. In those seven weeks the national teams have reduced their calls – controlling the 28 teams most affected by the virus in England – but showing effectiveness against the elite rugby infections.

England attracted 2,000 spectators to the Nations Cup final in November, but the pandemic worsened. The tournament is a must-see for the British and Irish Lions, who start their tour of South Africa in five months if the virus allows. Players from local federations – England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales – will be looking for a place on the team.

The inertia of England

Statistics confirm Eddie Jones’ performance as a coach. The English have been enjoying their most successful run since Italy entered the tournament in 2000 with three of the last five trophies, having deviated from the top two only once in the last decade. Defeats go on, he makes major visits to Cardiff and Dublin – he has not won at both venues since 2003 – and his style is more dependent on possession than other teams, and he plays more on foot and on the counter. Still, no one has that much wardrobe depth to cover the injury, and geniuses like Paulo Odogue are behind it.

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France Time

XV du Coke torn from last six nations; First, let England hold 24-0 in Paris and come up with a defensive bonus point; Second, a defeat in Edinburgh, by a red card. They have no better ball to reclaim a tournament they have not lifted since 2010. They keep Antonio DuPont as a reference, impressed with his waist, verticality and ability to quell anarchy and were selected as the best player of the tournament. . With him is the excellent reach of the young and the strength of the virimi vakatava to overcome the resistance. Two years before the World Cup, France can no longer wait.

Scotland wants more

XV del Cardo follows the philosophy of the little ant. He was able to be a tough opponent in his stadium, but won the competitor status at home. The final tournament was won in Scotland Wales (without spectators) and they had to spell their spelling in London or Paris to get the options. Finn Russell wants to be the Lions starter in South Africa, but the main one will be his playmaker Stuart Hogg, who wants to recover himself after the fall in Dublin. The best version of Scotland is the best, but he is not determined to own the physical bar of the big teams.

Ireland over time

In his first year as coach with Andy Farrell, Ireland made further improvements in the passing game, but lost the physical battles against France and England on the winning side of the ball. The team with the heaviest machines of recent times should pick this trend. His two great leaders, starter Johnny Sexton and Schroeder-half Connor Murray, are nearing the end of their careers. The XV Dell Trubol, instead of finding a replacement for the guarantees, needs its best version to compete.

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Wales, between renewal and revolution

Wayne Pivak’s first season as coach was pathetic, with one win and four defeats. The dilemma is how much Wales can save from its 12-year tradition with Warren Gottland. First, in terms of numbers. Veteran forwards, the keys to Wells’ physical game, finished their careers without giving the youngsters any priority. That’s why Dan Lidiot and Ken Owens are back. Secondly, the style of play.Wales need to define their pieces and play accordingly. Meli Tomos Williams will play a crucial role in the future of the XV del Dragon.

Italy is still in the lab

The team that has not won the Six Nations game since 2015 has yet to develop. Sergio Paris’ gap – he is still hoping to say goodbye to the national team in the final – is huge. Although the game is diversified, Italy is plagued by old-fashioned problems: discipline and breakdown in the final half-hour matches. His best news is his performance in the Under-20s, a great crop of diverse players. The third Jake Poledry will not be there, so young Luke Baggy and Carlo Cana will take the lead.

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