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Six Months Away: Is the Tokyo Olympics ready to take place?

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The year 2020 was a complicated one for sports. Not only did it postponed most events, but it also caused great harm to the industry in general, including sports channels and networks. However, it would seem that the Tokyo Olympics will finally take place, one year later. With an official opening date of July 23, are athletes ready to take part in the event? Here is the situation, as we are now six months away from the games.

Athletes of All Disciplines have resumed their Work

The Olympics feature the best athletes from around the world. The process of selection is done through various competitions, prior to the event, so that only the best, from all countries, can be featured in the various disciplines. Because of the postponement of the games, and some time-off for the athletes, who simply could not compete because of the coronavirus crisis, not all of these competitions have been completed. Although it took some time for them to put their training shoes back on or grab their equipment again, in most, if not all of the disciplines, everyone is back to competing.

As of today, the Olympics Committee indicates that 61 percent of the athletes have already been confirmed, to take part in the 2021 games in Tokyo. That is partly because international competitions have been permitted to take place, over the last few weeks, in 25 different disciplines, to select the best in their group. In total, there are 10 international federations that have launched their Olympic selection, in that same period of time, looking to keep time on the qualification process.

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How will the Selection Process continue?

The COVID-19 crisis forced the International Olympic Committee to revise the way they were going to select athletes. They created a task force called “Here we go” to handle the situation and make sure the new qualification principles were in place and followed by all. As of now, five sports/disciplines have completed the qualification process. They are: Cycling (Road,) Cycling (Track,) equestrian, hockey and volleyball.

Others have also resumed, throughout the month of January. The judo competition was held in Doha (Qatar,) and the water-polo tournament in Trieste (Italy,) which saw the Hungarian and Dutch women’s team find their way to the Olympics. Others have also resumed, but not completed the process yet, namely tennis and golf.

As for the remaining disciplines, qualifications are on going. However, they have to respect the rules and regulations of each country, concerning the sanitary protocols, in view of the COVID-19 ongoing pandemic. It has been made clear that the health and safety of all athletes should come first.

The Last Selections

From now till June 29, the qualification process will continue for the remaining disciplines. This will provide their participation “ticket” to another 25 percent of athletes, bringing the total to 86 percent. The remaining 14 percent will be awarded by looking at the current worldwide rankings, for each sport. Hopefully, this system will be satisfactory to all, but mostly, will ensure that everyone stays in good health so they can take part in the various competitions, at the end of July and beginning of August, in Tokyo.

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