Six-month trial: Ireland presents a four-day week

Six-month trial: Ireland presents a four-day week

Ireland is currently exploring the possibility of a four-day week in a six-month trial phase. The goal is not to reduce working hours, but to divide work into five days.

A very progressive approach to workers’ welfare that inspires other European countries as well.

The benefits of a three-day weekend

Productivity software Prodoscore On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, people were found to be the most productive. On this basis, the four-day weekly campaign aims to ensure a better work-life balance.

The four-day week, however, is a long weekend that can be used for new activities and maintaining social contact to grow personally.

CEO Paul McNulty reports that his employees are now “happier, more relaxed and more committed to their work.” Studies from New Zealand and Japan suggest similar conclusions.

The four-day week is expected to improve companies ’sustainability and help against gender-specific differences. More generally, this experiment shows the need for a new approach to working methods.

Has the lockdown changed the way we work?

For the past two years, companies have had to send their employees to work from home. Recent studies have shown that this can actually increase productivity.

For example, Facebook has already spoken out in favor of the home office – employees can work from anywhere and be paid according to local conditions.

Not everyone was convinced

But while more and more studies are showing that it increases productivity in the home office, many are still reluctant to do so. For example, Chief David Solomon Goldman Sachs Group Inc...

He explains that employees need to immerse themselves in financial environments, offices, or Wall Street to know the job.

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We can give a few more months to study and then the obvious benefits of extra free time will become clear.

A project on unconditional basic income was launched in Germany a few weeks ago. 122 people will receive 12 1200 per month for three years.

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